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Virtual Device Motion Sensor with Heimdal

Im trying to make a virtual motion sensor with Virtual Device and use it as a sensor to trigger for Heimdall.
I’ve looked at the flow cards and the documentation for VD sensors but none of the capability names and value to be filled into the virtual sensor fields seems to be working.

I have tried alarm_motion and value true but nothing triggers within heimdall… any ideas what I could be doing wrong here?

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Seems the bug is acknowledged by Arjan, the developer of Virtual Devices: https://github.com/ArjanKranenburg/virtual-devices/issues/61

When you create a Virtual Device (Device class Home Alarm) and select Detected Motion is does get picked up by Heimdall so the alarm_motion capability is set correctly on the device. I seems to me the flowcard just doesn’t work but that’s something Arjan would have to fix.

Seems the code that fires when the action card is used can only handle numbers, I’ve added some code that enables the use of boolean and numeric in the action card in the bug report at Github, let’s hope Arjan picks it up.

Ah I see! Thanks for the clarification. Let’s hope Arian picks it up :+1:t2:.

@viix Arjan picked it up :+1: it’s released in beta v0.7.4 which will be pushed to stable soon.
Read this post in the Heimdall topic to read more about how to use it.

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