Active sensor Information


I have created an alarm with some flows.
I have Xiaomi aqara door sensors.
When one or more sensors are open a virtual device door open is activated.
When I want to activeate the alarm using zipato tag Reader the first flow check if the virtual device door open is on. In this case my Google home says “alarm activation impossible door is open”.
It is possible that In a second message I have the information witch sensor is active? How can I managed this?
Thank you for your help

Delete the flows and install the heimdall app?

Or is there a big reason to stick with the flows?

Hi thank you for the reply
I have checked Heimdall, it’s a nice application but I do not find how to send a vocal message to give me active sensor during alarm activation

Heimdal has an “Alarm has triggered” triggercard that you can use where you would normally use “Movement detected” from a sensor.

Use those cards in the then column. But it’s also built into the app.

Did you read this?