[App][Pro] Virtual Devices

Is it possible to add the option on/off to device class sensor?
With that option I can combine virtual light switches with luminance. Now I have to create one virtual device for both.


Not sure where you want to go, but this way I combine an OnOff switch and luminance in one device

I have seen this option but it does not work for what I want.

What I want is a virtual light switch that measures the luminance of a sensor that triggers that light switch when the luminance is blow a certain level.

I just added now a virtual device with device class light like you mentioned. When I create a flow like I have done multiple times for virtual sensors for setting a value for a virtual sensor It doesn’t work.

luminance(helderheid) of my aqara sensor.

I also can’t choose a status indicator for this device. Not adjustable.

Ah, now I see what you’d like.
A sensor, in this case Luminance, and its device tile should be capable to switch on / off by pressing it.
A virtual light device, with a pre-selectable sensor function in it, so you could feed a Luminance value to it.
Only Arjan can say if this is even possible.

What I want is a virtual device that is visible on or off with a luminance value.
I hope Arjan can make this happen.

Thanks for thinking with me.

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about your flow, this works:

I always make a temporary notification with the value which is feeded to the virtual sensor.

I have multiple flows for several virtual devices running without any problems.
Only today I got the idea to combine them with light switches.

I’m on Homey Bridge. Coming from the Zipato ecosystem. Right now I’m missing Virtual Devices, like switches etc in Homey. Are you planning to make an Bridge version available?

Workaround for the cloud/bridge:

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Great solution

Hi! Thanks for a great app! Would it be possible to implement an option to switch icons for the virtual devices?

Do you mean the icon of the virtual device?
Hold the icon, click right upper corner - settings, change icon, change the icon and save it.

Would it possible to allow target_temperature to have decimal values? It now doesn’t seem to accept values like 36.5. Even the half degree steps would be enough.
I have a flow that takes target temperature from an other device, then subtract 1.5 from it to have a new target_temperature to be set in a virtual device. Now when values is xx.5 that gets rejected and the flow fails.

Did you try the calculation of @Peter_Kawa ,sep 21? In this topic…

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Rounding the value does not help, since it is then in full degrees, and not degrees with decimal. It actually is a big difference in my use case the half degree.

Why don’t you even try first, @OH2TH
This really rounds the input and outputs it in 0.5 steps:

This f.i. rounds to 1 decimal:
{{round([variable] ,1)}}

Or, round to 2 decimals:
{{round([variable] ,2))}}

I have the rounding and the value is what is expected, the issue is that the virtual device’s target_temperature does not accept it. It says:

Which says, that the valu must be in 1 degree steps. Where can I set stepping to 0.5 instead of 1?

That’s unfortunately only settable when creating a virtual thermostat.
So the best you can do is to rename the current virtual device to …-OLD or something, and create a new replacement virtual device for it, and replace it where necessary in your flows and such.

Ah indeed it is there. Need to rethink the setup then. Thanks

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Is there a replacement for the multi-mode device ?