Fibaro Motion Sensor - Alarm Motion does not switch off

My Fibaro Motion Sensor has the motion sensor set to true, however after the 30seconds of grace, it does not go back to ‘false’. THis means that in Homey App, the value of motion keeps enabled.

I noticed I cannot change the value through the device screen in Developer, neither in the App. I have taken out batteries and I would like to stay away from a full reset as quite a few flows are connected.

Anybody has experience with this and has found a resolution? I already saw posts regarding known issues that have not been resolved by Athom yet. But I do not see the link in this.



Are there only problems with the movement? are the other values regularly updated?
Have you ever made the range test to rule out a range problem?


This occasionally happens with one of my sensors. Manually triggering the tamper alarm (tap on the ball) solves this. There are more ppl who have this problem now and then, be it some more then others. It is unknown why and how it happens.

Same for me. I stopped using it, for this reason.

Same problem here, tab on the ball or removing the battery solve it.

Hi I’m a newbie. Could someone tell me, if this threat has been finaly solved?

I now have 3 FMS and two of them stuck in motion alarm! :face_vomiting:

I bought 2 new sensors, hoping they will work. May be someone could give me an answer!

May be I’m in the wrong thread, please correct if i’m wrong here!

Thx Mike