Fibaro Motion Sensor does not report/stuck

Hi there,

It seems that since the last update of the Fibaro app my motion sensor no longer reports. This means that he gets stuck in the motion alarm and tamper alarm. Do other people also experience this issue? In addition, there is a Fibaro wall plug literally next to it, but he refuses to communicate via the wall plug.

In addition, I already removed the sensor and removed the app and added/install it again, but this did not solved the issue.

Homey version: 2.0.2
Fibaro app: 2.1.19

Model: FGMS-001-PLUS
Firmware ID: 2065

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i have this every once in awhile. What I do to fix it:

  • PTP from Homey an restart him/her
  • Remove battery from sensor and reinstall
  • Push 3 times the button in the sensor
  • Wait a while, so there is no motion

Most of the time this works to get the sensor working again. The same works with the Fibaro doorsensor.

This happens every day, so it is not desirable to perform these actions each time.

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I have exactly the same thing since v2.1.19, the horrible thing was that I went from the previous beta app (which worked fine) to stable app (which cleared all app settings/devices) to only find out that the two motion sensors (FGMS-001) I have keep getting stuck in “motion detected” mode.

I have tried to PTP, reinstall the app, restart the motion sensors, re-added them multiple times, performed multiple wake-ups (which sometimes resolve the issue temporary).

So I am at the point of either replacing the motion sensors or reverting to an older version of the app…

On a side note, my Homey is still on fw 1.5.13.

That would be interesting, see if it still works with an older version of the app… I assume you resetted the motion-sensors too?

I indeed have also reset the sensors.

If I go down the route of switching to an older version, I will let you guys know how that has worked out. But considering it worked before, chances are pretty good it works as it did.


i use fibaro-app version 2.1.19 and homey FW 2.0.2 and have no new problems. with homey FW 2.0 i have the problem that one fibaro motion sensor doesn’t react sometimes but now he reacts without problems.
but the problem with the activated “tamper alarms” still exist.

I am stil on Homey 1.5 and this problem accures maybe once month over here. But ecery day is a bit to much indeed…

I ended up downgrading the FIbaro app to 2.1.16 Thursday evening (as it is the most cost efficient option to start with :slight_smile:), it seems to work properly now both for motion and the tamper alarm.

The app downgrade was done in-place, so it did not require the devices to be re-added, I did power-cycle the motion sensors though. As for other devices, I only have the Fibaro Smart plugs which also still worked properly straight away.

So for those who are experiencing the same issues, it might be worth downgrading to 2.1.16, the commit I used was:

For installing / downgrading the app, the following how-to is available on the forum: [HOW TO] CLI install method


Could you post your findings in an issue at:

Thanks! I have performed exactly the same steps and it works like a charm now.

@Paul89 or @Patrick92 : don’t forget to file an issue at the Fibaro-app… Otherwise people will keep bumping into it while Athom doesn’t even know there’s an issue.

@bvdbos, had some issues with signing up on Github this weekend, just gave it a go now but apparently the issue tracker is disabled… :man_shrugging:

Then better file one at:
I presume…

Just have send an e-mail to the support e-mail address as the “requests” page requires a diagnostics report and I don’t want to brick the sensors again by updating the app for the report.

Hope they do something with it!

I also experience these problems, the lux and temperature get updated, but the motion and tamper keeps stuck.
When I put the sensor next to homey it all works just fine. But if there was a connection issue the lux and temperature also wouldn’t be updated.
ill try to use a different version of the fibaro app to see what happens…

app 2.1.19 Homey Pro v2.02

I also downgraded to app version 2.1.16. unfortunately my problems still excist

i was using the same motion sensor @ 2.1.19 on a Homey early 2018 V2.02 without any problems. The homey is in the same please as is the motion sensor.

i can only guess its due to the Homey Pro, maybe it has less z-wave reach?

That would be ridiculous if Homey Pro has less Z-Wave range than regular Homey. What is the distance that he has to travel to the motion sensor?

Do you have a wall plug that you can place near the motion sensor (or any other powered Z-Wave device)? To increase the Z-Wave range?

I assume you have already tried standard actions? Such as wake-up and re-add the device.

I’ve re added the device multiple times, also wake up doesn’t change a thing. Reset of the sensor also doesn’t make any difference.

The distance is about 5-6 meters with only a glass door in between.

There is a fibaro door sensor @2 meter from the motion sensor, but I guess battery powered doesn’t hub.

The motion sensor was actually the second (from about 25) sensor I started transforming from ‘old Homey to the new Homey Pro.

But it would be rediculous if the Homey Pro can’t connect to a zwave sensor at 5 meters without a hop.
But then again as ranch would be the problem why does lux and temperature keep updated. But everything does work as it should when I lay the sensor right next to the Homey. I’m totally confused

Along the way of figuring out what’s going on, i’ve placed a dimmer 2 right in between the homey and the motion sensor. So if the signal shouldn’t be strong enough for a direct connection (which I can’t imagine within 5 meters) it can hop through the dimmer 2. But unfortunately this also seems not to make any difference