Problem with Fibaro Motion Sensor - no motion and tamper alarm

Struggling with Fibaro Motion. Have two that have worked flawlessly for two years with no maintenance other than battery changes. When I now add new ones, motion (and tamper) sensors do not work. The sensor LED are reporting motion and tamper alarms. They are in contact with Homey Pro and responds when I test them from the developer network tool. I have restarted the homey, and removed and readded the devices. The only difference I find in settings is that the menu in advanced is a slightly different display of firmware. Any good advice beyond switching to other motion sensors?

Any help and/or advice would be highly appreciated. Screenshots below.

New ones (not working)

Old ones:

New ones (not working):

Old ones:

No one? Please help

You did already the things I would do also, but maybe some more suggestions:
– change the battery
– just wake up the motion sensor at the installation location
– just wake up the motion sensor near to Homey
– exclude the motion sensor, reset it to factory settings, add it again
– if you are owning an other Z-Wave gateway, try it with this one
– contact Athom :wink: