[Homeyduino] E-paper for Homey

EDIT 25/10/2023
v1 is alway available here.

This is the v2 of Homey e-paper

Homey e-paper get a quick view from your devices! Created from a LILYGO® T5-4.7 inch E-Paper. Work with the flow with Homeyduino app Show every device you want, where you want and when you want with Homey Flow.


  • Installation and update is easyest with OTA (Over The Air)
  • Touchscreen support (also works without)
  • The buttons present on the board are taken into account in order to trigger actions in the flows
  • Ability to make an area “clickable” or not in order to control devices (requires touch screen)
  • Optimized display avoiding “gray areas” when updating values ​​(compared to v1)
  • Action cards are reduced to 1 per zone (compared to v1)
  • 52 customs icons
  • Flexible display
  • The header is free to display (does not require the weather unlike v1)
  • Device type can be choose (Homey return “true” or “false” but for exemple for a lock it’s nicer to have “Lock” or “Unlock”)
  • Automatical Deep Sleep (works with Time Deep Sleep)
  • Deep Sleep time configurable by flow or even disable
  • Get battery percent
  • All settings are saved in flash
  • See on screen when was the last update sended by Homey
  • Select Language (EN, FR, NL only for few settings, you will do it in flow)
  • installation guide for beginner, user guide, STL files and project photos in the files (only in French at the moment)

#To do:

  • Add € sign in fonts


  • Added different font
  • Full screen display

Version 1.1.2 online, and installation guide in english here.
User guide actually in french online too.


User guide in english online here.

Tell me if there are some errors.


@sebyldino my e-paper keeps rebooting, serial monitor shows “E (4027) rmt: rmt_driver_install(1023): RMT driver already installed for channel” do you have an idea what can be the cause / solution? Thx.

ps. lovely project!

Have the same problem here, no idea where that comes from, probably something stupid I did?
Hope that @sebyldino can tell us what to do.

Looks very interesting share some photo’s guys!!
My question: i have no 3d printer. What are the possibilities to print. I googled, but everywhere it’s the same; only for companies or no way to figure out what the costs will be. Tips are welcome.

JCLPCB does a wonderfull 3D printing job for a good price. I used their resin (sla) printing service already several times.

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I will try new install with erasing all flash content to check if i get the same error and i will let you know if i found what happen.

You can try to upload code another time with parameter “Erase All Flash Before Sketch Upload” to “Enable” to clear all contents in ESP.

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Did another upload with 'Erase all flash", unfortunately same result, a part of the monitor:

10:01:45.050 → entry 0x400805f0
10:01:46.876 → .IP address:
10:01:49.602 → E (3805) rmt: rmt_driver_install(1023): RMT driver already installed for channel
10:01:51.787 → ====== ERROR MESSAGE ======
10:01:51.787 →

No compiler errors, just one warning: “null” characters ignored ( I did remove them ).
main\imagesAndFonts.h:140:1: warning: null character(s) ignored

Other demo sketches do run without problems.

Nooohhh, great stuf. Do u have a link to the 3d file?

Look at the Github page, STL files

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Added 2 lines to firstStart() :slight_smile: now it’s starting up:

void firstStart() {
  if (firstStartTime) {
    epd_draw_image(backgroundArea, (uint8_t *)firstStart_data, BLACK_ON_WHITE);
     firstStartTime = false;
     error = false;

There is still the error msg:
18:04:29.466 → E (5880) rmt: rmt_driver_install(1023): RMT driver already installed for channel


I haven’t had time to try it yet! Great if you found it, I must have made a mistake during the last modification. thank you for sharing, I try on my side and update the Github. This message doesn’t tell me anything. :thinking:

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Great work. Thinking I might try this. Just to clarify. There seems to be some optional backsides to your stl case files. Which of the files are required? The case and one of the others?

Found and fixed the error.


@JPe4619 thank you! It was almost what you found! It helped me a lot. :wink:

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Fixed it for me, thx.

v1.2.0 online here

Added: battery capability to Homey

Now you can see the battery of your Homey e-paper on Homey, and use it in flow!

If you have already added your Homey e-paper to Homey, you have to remove it and add it another time.

WARNING: it will make your flows KO



Hi thx for the update, can it be that you are calling the measure battery capability very (too) often??? :wink:

Fixed! Thank you


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