Homey Mobile App (v7.0.0.x) - (P)Review Alpha Testing

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Homey Mobile App

The New v7.x Mobile app is necessary for the New Homey Pro (Early 2023)


Is the new app working better/faster with android now? Any developer tested that allready?

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Obviously the testing for speed is subjective, but I think it feels faster. I certainly haven’t had any of the long delays in the new app (that I can remember), and so far no accidental taps on a device that toggle it on / off when scrolling.

Very good question @Marcel_Visser. The Android app has become so slow that it is almost unusable. It’s really no fun anymore.


In my experience the Andoid app gets slow when Homey is slow (memory at 100%, busy Wifi).
The new app is still beta and a bit buggy. But it has mor the WebApp style and a better zone selection.
The speed will depend on Homey for a big part and how fast it’s reponding to requests (sending device list/states). So there is a great chance it wil be faster :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t be the wifi. I use a UniFi system, so a full load is almost impossible. However, I ordered the Lan adapter for the new Homey to rule this out completely.
Admittedly, my Homey early 2019 is very often used to 100% capacity and works at its performance limit. In particular, the main memory is permanently at its limit.

Off topic:
The problem for me is not the apps, but Homey itself. Homey’s memory requirements increase constantly from 370 MB (after restarting) until the main memory is full.

If you have a lot of Wifi devices and ar using dne Unifi app with websocket (polling), this can produce a lot of traffic between Homey and the Unifi controller. And this traffic can raise the load on Homey (app, cpu, memory, perhaps a lot of flow triggers even if there is no flow defined for). The Hue app is a possible reason, too. Just as example.

The latest development blog post said

While you can already find some screenshots [of the new and improved Homey Mobile App] on the Homey Community Forum, we’ll also share more about this soon!

That’s a big vague, and I really want to see. I’ve searched and looked, but sadly I’ll have to make this superfluous thread to ask where I can see the aforementioned screenshots. Does anyone know?

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Thank you very much <3

The reason why you have not seen many images posted is because the new UI is evolutionary not revolutionary. ie. its different style but largely the same UX.


I really hope the new app would be faster and more workable than the current app. The app now is so slow that most of the time I have to press a tile three times to get it really pressed.

Further I hope and also requested it at Athom some time ago, the app would be more like the smartthings app. Swipe through rooms etc. is one of the things I like in that app.

The images I see now are not really different with the current app.

Hope to have my new pre-ordered Homey 2023 soon so I can play and test it with the new app myself.

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Personally, I’m quite disappointed with the visuals of this new app.
Other than the theme, not much changes.
I was expecting an evolution in SmartThings or Aqara style, with color and the possibility of creating real dashboards. Too bad !


Will we get a dark mode version of 7.0? :grinning:

On a later date, but yes its planed.


Missing dark mode is a disappointment… same as missing filters for flows, devices and apps.

Also Android beta version is for me almost not usable, extremely slow on any of the action…thinking to revert back to previous one (submitted also to Athom).


I also found that the Apple Watch widgets do not seem to work with 7.0, is this known?



For me, the new application 7 for Android is totally unusable. It gets stuck, it freezes. Flows are the worst. You can’t work with them. homey 2018… storage 1.1GB free of 1.6GB. memory 511.9 MB RAM. The design looks interesting. But I expected more changes. I contacted the developers and also recorded a video of using and crashing the application. Quite irresponsible to release an application in such a terrible state for testing when it cannot be used.


is it possible to go back to the old app version? The new app is totaly unuseble for me.