[Community Survey] Homey v5 ZigBee Health check and statistics collection (HomeyScript)

I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that !

There really is such a unique piece. Homey Pro circuit board was installed. The control lights and the pulsating eye are controlled with 4 Shelly RGBW. A Raspberry 3b + takes care of the screen and the movie quotes.
From the idea to the completion it was 1 year of work and a lot of money. I’ll never do that again!


reporting : 7,“00124b0005f0d517”,2,true,“Homey (Early 2016)”,“5.0.1-rc.1”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,22,6,16,5,9,6,“#”,0,4,13,4,1 , $

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reporting : 6,“00124b001e9a9bcf”,2,true,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.1”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,72,36,36,6,33,29,"#",0,17,28,18,9 , $

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reporting : 4,“00124b0004f8a48c”,2,false,“Homey (Early 2016)”,“5.0.0”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,26,4,22,1,9,0,"#",0,0,0 , $

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reporting : 8,“00124b001b43f541”,2,true,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.0”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,38,18,20,6,19,12,“#”,0,10,20,5 , $

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8th and 9th you mean :wink:

> reporting : 7,"00124b001b44558e",2,false,"Homey Pro (Early 2019)","5.0.1",0,11,0,2,"2.6.3",26,13,13,9,15,9,"#",0,8,10,7,1 , $

I haven’t reset my zigbee network, however I do had to fix several ‘bad route’ zigbee devices with the help of your topic.

@Dijker I am wondering if this line is correct:
Memory Total : 996 MB - Free : 196032 KB - (19%)
The settings of Homey app mentions this:


Athom very likely uses different metrics for both: RSS for each app for the graph and the (equivalent of the) output of the “free” command for how much free memory there is (but they probably chose the wrong column, “free” instead of “available”).

Okay not sure cause looking at the graph it seems that I use 50% and have 50% of free space left. So the 19% that I got from the homeyscript seems wrong in either way, even if it was reversed.

What I mean is that for “free memory” Athom uses the wrong metric internally.

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reporting : 8,“00124b001f1f9aac”,2,false,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.1”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,25,22,3,4,7,11,"#",0,11,10,3 , $

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Look at
What does it say?
If i remember correct these values.

freememMachine 425934848
freememHuman 20%
totalmem 1044193280
freememMachine 187482112
freememHuman 18%

App says:

I could edit this picture with the whole list if needed.

it is just this in HomeyScript:

let SysInfo = await Homey.system.getInfo();
log('Memory       Total    : ' + Math.round(SysInfo.totalmem / 1024 / 1024), 'MB  - Free : ', SysInfo.freememMachine / 1024, 'KB - (' + SysInfo.freememHuman + ')',);

Yes probably it’s alright, matches the developer page. Apparently my Homey uses a lot more memory than I thought, based on the graph and memory consumption app list at homey app settings.

The graph is showing your Homey is using about 50% of its memory. That’s acceptable, isn’t it?

Yes that’s acceptable, but the developer page and homeyscript says 180/190MB is free (available?) out of 1GB. Based on that Homey is using 82% of its memory? Or am I missing something again.

I’ll quote myself: “What I mean is that for “free memory” Athom uses the wrong metric internally.”

To be more clear: Don’t Trust The Free Memory Values That Homey Is Providing.


After fixing some of the devices with a Bad Route info I first made a script to check only that and report on the Timeline. After that I fixed them and monitor the current Zigbee Health by running that script scheduled.

The notification script is published here:

I Scheduled it simple from a Flow:



reporting : 7,"00124b001b446e33",2,false,"Homey Pro (Early 2019)","5.0.1",0,11,0,2,"2.6.3",35,15,20,4,15,14,"#",1,4,19,8,2,0,1 , $

The one ‘bad route’ is no problem; it’s a dimmable buld that is behind a (non smart) switch :wink:

 # Bad Routes    : 1
 # Routes 0 hops : 4
 # Routes 1 hops : 19
 # Routes 2 hops : 8
 # Routes 3 hops : 2
 # Routes 4 hops : 0
 # Routes 5 hops : 1

What I don’t understand is the routes with 2, 3 and even 5 hops while there is a zigbee router only a few meters from the end device :astonished:

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That’s the nice thing of the Mesh, it works out itself and only reports the route for what I know. ’
It could be different the next time.
I would advise to remove (or Fix) the non-smart switch as this could lead to multiple devices losing a previous working route, needing to re-discover a working route.