Homey firmware v3.0.0 (exp)

I noticed a new homey firmware release is listed on the firmware page
V3.0.0 sounds very promising, but the text only mentions homey energy…

Anyone tried it?
Is there more than just Energy?
(Still waiting with upgrading untill zigbee is stable…, the v3 looked so promising)


Homey software 3.0 is actually a bit disappointing. The new tab does not make us much wiser, because it is usually stated that Homey is unable to read the energy from the device. The big Zigbee release that they have been talking about for a year has not yet been recorded or is non-existent. My Zigbee devices (12 pieces) are still not working properly. It is still the question is he doing it or not? I can’t get rid of the feeling that they want to make us happy with a dead sparrow. Athom positions itself as software developers, but this currently does not cover the flag. Unfortunately.


I am wondering, how many people are actually interested in how much energy some devices use.
I will not use it at all, the only thing I use is ‘Insights’ but that doesn’t work in the app.
I’d rather see they put more effort in solving the bigger issues that have been around for some while.


Well we as humans have been known never to be satisfied. So instead of nagging about things that are not yet done, try to test out the new V3. :pray:
Nobody ever said the zigbee rewrite would be in v3 (only rumours made by people trying to push Athom)
As Athom says , it will be done when it’s done …


It isn’t just energy measuring, it is everything with energy.
Just because you might not have noticed, click on the battery icon in the top right, it will show you all battery levels, and if made available by the app (creator) it will also show you the type of battery! Never searching anymore which battery to buy if it is (almost) empty, and Homey will also tell you when a battery is almost empty (below 25%).


The energy measuring doesn’t sound very interesting to me, but the other stuff sounds nice :slight_smile: (battery levels and types) I do hope that there are other improvements too, if it’s only the energy-related stuff I would be slightly disappointed, but I’ll just wait patiently

True, Athom only said it was “delayed a bit”. That was in July. 2018. Around the same time they said that Backup & Restore would be in v2.1 (which was earlier announced in January 2018 as being part of v2.0).

So I can’t blame people for thinking (hoping) that the Zigbee rewrite (or B&R) would be part of v3.

On the other hand, I can’t blame Athom for not mentioning expected timelines or specific versions anymore, because apparently they can’t meet them :stuck_out_tongue:


Firstly, we’ve been working on Homey v3.0. Very soon we’ll announce what the update entails. I can already tell you it’s big.

When they say such things to get you excited you hope they will finally fix all the (big) issues like zigbee rewrite, ir related problems and other problems that keep getting posted on the forum.

Every way of active development is a good thing for me as customer and the new features they implement but atm people like Paul Hibbert (Smarthome related youtuber) only mention Athom / Homey in a negative sentence (for removing features) it is heading in the wrong direction and i believe Athom should focus on quality before implementing new features.


Concur, have a device in the main breaker reading the house energy consumption in real-time (tibber pulse). Athom should concentrate on basic issues like backup/restore etc! Very disappointing!


+1 !


I know i am the only one who doesnt have an rock stable homey but i was hoping something else…

Something like zigbee that will work oke instead of using bridges…
Something like IR LEARN that will work again.
Something like an backup function for the bunch of flows everyone has…
Something like not having to reboot every few days to keep flows working

But now i can finaly see how much my lamps are using :smiley:


I could if I get my zwave PowerPlug working. :cry:
I also would like the above mentioned.

I like this update. Correct battery info has always been a problem for me with the Fibaro devices.
I hope this update fixes that a bit (I suppose they/(you? :slight_smile: ) have updated their Fibaro app to make use of the new capabilities?

I don’t think this update will fix battery info if it was previously not working correctly, it will just have a nicer way of showing it.

Indeed, fibaro’s battery reports can’t be fixed by us, it is a fibaro issue and always has been.
It does show which battery type is being used in the device with the later updates.

exactly. I’m also disapointed.
Beside Zigbee and a good backup they prommissed me 2 years ago that there should be a good presence system in the next update.
It is still not working properly.
Personallty a good backup system and Zigbee system is the most important for me


I haven’t tried the beta, but I really couldn’t care less about the energy update…

Still love my Homey though.


Where is the TestFlight Code (or link)? :thinking:

(for the actual iOS-App)

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