Frient Electricity Meter

Hi all,

I have a Frient Electricity Meter that has worked well for som time but suddenly Homey Pro 2023 is
reporting that the device has left the Zigbee Network. Strange it is still reporting to the Homey and i have data in Insights. Is there someone that has any encountered this before?

I dont want to lose my data if i do a reset of the device.

Best regards, Staffan

Homey Pro (Early 2023)
The old Frient Black Electricity meter

This problem seems to have already happened several times, even with other devices and other apps. Therefore, I guess it’s a Homey firmware problem. And because Athom doesn’t answer questions or provide assistance in this forum, you should contact Athom support.

[Tip] Problems with Homey?

Special: What Homey Firmware are you on?
When was it updated and When did the device leave the network?


If I’m are correct my version is 10.1.4.If i look in the log my device left 21 days ago att 14.11.

best regards, Staffan

that’s before the release of 10.1.4-rc.2
Are you on Experimental Firmware channel?

Robin Bolscher [4:33 PM, Nov 20th 2023]
Homey Pro (Early 2023) v10.1.4-rc.2 has been released to the beta channel

For me that looks as something different.
when was your Homey updated to a 10.1.4-rc ?

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My Homey was updated to version 10.1.4 on december 5:e 2023 Time: 04:59:52

but it left the network 21 days ago?
not sure it is related to the Firmware. or where you on Experimental and already on al -rc.x before?

Have you also tried re-adding it before the FW upgrade?


I haven’t added or removed any Zigbee device since early this summer.