(Frient) Zigbee sensors not showing temperature

Hi guys,

I’ve 7 zigbee devices connected to my Homey Bridge.
Crazy enough my latest purchase, another Frient smoke alarm with temp sensor doesn’t give the temperature reading to Homey.

When checking Homey Developer Tools I see both my Frient smoke alarm devices online every now and then but the one I bought last doesn’t send any temp data.

I’m not able to figure out what is causing this. Also my water leak sensor from Frient which came in just a few hours ago doesn’t tell temperature.

I tried rebooting my Homey Bridge and resetting both Frient devices, several times actually.

I added one screenshot of both devices. One working smoke sensor with temp and one without temp data.

Anyone knows what to do to fix this?
Please don’t say reset zigbee channel : o )

ps: I already exposed them (water leak and smoke alarm sensor) to a significant change in temperature, but this didn’t trigger an update either.
ps 2: Even though one sensor has the label ‘‘zolder’’ they are actually both in the same room as the Homey Bridge.

You missed the interesting column on the right in your screenshots, or is that column completely empty??

That’s default for battery operated devices. Only when they have an update to send, they’ll connect for a short while.

What does Insights say, when you look up your sensors?

Insight will be empty space as the new smoke and water leak sensor never reported a reading.

I know these devices are not online 24/7. I just mentioned it to indicate the devices do call into Homey, no lack of connectivity most likely :slight_smile:

By the way there are no more columns. The utmost right column is ‘Last Changed’ and the bottom row is ‘measure_temperature’ in my original post screenshot.

You can try to add the sensor again (don’t remove it prior to it).
It might say ‘device is already added’
Then restart the frient app.
Also a brand new battery can make a difference.

If it doesn’t help, contact Frient: https://homey.app/a/com.frient/ and scroll down to ‘Support’

Deleted all Frient devices, even the App, added all devices again but made no difference.
Then I initiated a Zigbee config reset in the Homey Bridge and now no Frient device gives its temperature to Homey.

I’ll contact Frient via email through their Homey Support, hopefully they know what the heck this could be :slight_smile: I only knew about their info@ address, thanks for the hint.

Edit: I’ve just wrote to Frient homey support, if anything solves this problem ill update the thread

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De oplossing was de batterijen er even half uurtje uit en daarna er uiteraard weer in. Alle devices gaven weer netjes de temp aan.

Hey Boy,
Werkt bij jou de test warning knop in de homey app? Of kan je een alarm vd rookmelder laten afgaan in een flow? Ik lijk er geen enkel geluid uit te krijgen.