Develco/Frient Smoke alarms/Devices


Has anyone experience, with Develco products or the (new) brand of them Frient (I think same products)

I’m interested in the Heat and Smoke alarms from Frient. But I like to know does have anyone experience about the stability and are the reliable?

And to be sure, the are connectable directly to Homey?
And to each other, so when one alarm goes off, all of them will go off? + Is it a standard function on its own or does is need Homey to connect them?

Thanks for more (user) experience!

No experience yet, but I like the design of the products from Frient. I think I’m going to try some smart-plugs in a short while, they have energy monitoring included (as written).

There is an official app, so I guess it must be working…

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Indeed, the products are nice from design and price. I don’t know, when you will test them but, If you have tested them. Let you know something? :slight_smile: .

Edit: I will probably, also test them, to know.

@TedTolboom. You work also on the app. Can you tell me, if the smoke alarms, and heat alarms are connected to each other, without a flow from Homey? Or do you need to connect them with a Flow?



I am still searching for a decent smoke alarm. I found the Develco on the internet. While searching the internet I found this rebranded Frient device on Robbshop.

I am thinking about this Frient (zigbee) or Fibaro (z-wave). Hopefully this Frient zigbee device can also connect to deCONZ zigbee. The Develco branded has been tested with deCONZ. How are you going to connect the alarm sensor to Homey?

If connecting to Homey, do you have also Zigbee routers installed?

On the Homey version 5 compatible apps, just released the Frient app update, the sensors are operating stable.

Yes, connected to the Zigbee network of Homey

For now, only a single sensor will sound the alarm. I’m exploring options to trigger the siren from within Homey and to connect the sensors into a IAS cluster. Which will basically create a full alarm systems from within Homey.

The smart plugs are working fine and nicely small so able to connect at all places or in powerstrips

Why need to connect the products to deCONZ? Homey v5 with the updated app are working reliable.

Thanks for all the info! @TedTolboom

Smart plug has arrived today, and indeed small and nice device!
I also ordered a Motion Sensor Pro. The motion and temperature part works great, unfortunately the light levels doesn’t show. It is just a “-”.
I think it is already supported at the V4 version of Homey?

Any solution? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

Which specific brand and app version are you using?

Ow, sorry!

I’m having the Frient Motion Sensor Pro and the live version of the Frient Homey App (v0.0.6). Homey is running on the latest stable build (v4.2.0)

@Liam239 I see that there is an issue with the luminance report parser within v0.0.6 (Homey v4.2.0) version of the app.

Unfortunately, fixing this issue would be straightforward but is not possible since the app has a Homey v5 test version in the app store; which is a limitation of the Homey app store…
The luminance reporting is working correctly with the Homey v5 version of the Frient app, but this is still based on the experimental Homey v5 software.

Okay thanks for the fast reply! I know that that is an unfortunately limitation of the Homey App store at the moment :neutral_face:. But eventually the v5 of Homey will release as stable in the future and the importance is that I know, it will be fixed after that release. :ok_hand:

I use it now for a light at my entrance door, now I use it time based (from when it is dark till when it is light again) to switch on the light when movement is detected. It also works like a charm in this winter period :smiley:

Thanks again for the info.

The reason to connect to deCONZ (at this moment) is that I have a good working zigbee network with deCONZ.
If the Homey v5 upgrade will be as good as said I wil definitely transfer to the Homey zigbee network.

I am having trouble with the smoke detectors, i can only add 1 out of 3. After i add the first one Homey times out when i am trying to add the second one.
Reboot the app/Homey don´t help, V5 on early 2018.
Is the fault on my Homey or the app?@tedTolboom

If you are having trouble adding Zigbee devices, I can only recommend to contact Athom support at
There are more people that experience issues adding devices of multiple brands.

As developer, we don’t receive any debug logging until the device is successfully added to the app.

Hm, I have no trouble connecting to the devices but they keep disappearing and need to be reconnected again. This does not happen with my Fibaro devices. The window sensor is also a bit big as it uses two AAA batteries instead of one as most others.

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I have the same problem.
I have 2 pro motion sensors and 1 smoke detector. They leave the network regularly and each time I have to reconnect them. It’s a hassle.
I tried resetting the zigbee, it worked for a week and then the phenomenon starts again.
Do you have an idea ?

J’ai le même problème.
J’ai 2 sensor motion pro et 1 détecteur de fumée. Ils quittent le réseau régulièrement et à chaque fois je doit les reconnecter. C’est un galère.
J’ai essayé de réinitialiser le zigbee, cela a fonctionné une semaine puis le phénomène recommence.
Avez vous une idée ?

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there it’s done, excuse me

Bought 6 Develco smokedetectors. Totally unable to Connect to Homey. Tried to contact Develco here, by service email and Tech representative. No answer anywhere so really Cannot recommend Develco :man_shrugging:

I have connected Develco smokedetectors and remember I had issues also. I do not remember exactly how it was solved, but I think there was an issue that the detector “sleeps” before it gets connected. The solution was if I remember correctly to push the button several times within a few seconds durring pairing so it does not go to “sleep” before it is connected.