Homey 3.0 - What could it be?

Exciting news in Behind the magic august:

Firstly, we’ve been working on Homey v3.0. Very soon we’ll announce what the update entails. I can already tell you it’s big.

Someone got an idea what it could be? Probably the Zigbee update, but what else?

I agree without zigbee no reason to go to 3.0. I really do hope we’ll see soooo long waited backup - restore, possibly some customisation enabled. Nontheless, I don’t remember athom gave any clues or indication in direction 3.0 is going so we can only express our wishes.

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I must say that those kind of announcements tend to annoy me more than intrigue me. If you can’t announce either what or when it is better to not announce anything. “Very soon” has already past.


In July they said that there working on the Zigbee update so indeed we sould expect something on that part.
But it still will be a big if!

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Sadly the zigbee rewrite is far from done, so no, zigbee will not be in 3.0, just wait and see what it will contain :grin:

Really? Curious!

As they did in July 2018 as well :stuck_out_tongue:


A new homey hardware platform with better build in antennas and optional external connectors


And LAN!


A tablet compatible Homey App.


And topples serving beer!


Backup/Restore is on top of my list, no doubt about it.
Would love to be able to upgrade to Pro but I don´t want to start from the beginning.

Also I would like more dynamic tiles for devices in the app, for example show temperature on Fibaro Motion Sensor, Aqara Temperature Sensor, current production on SolarEdge, album art on Sonos devices.

Oh, and perhaps better integration of HomeyScript in the flow editor.

Oh x2, a good native dashboard.

  • 1 for backup restore

Backup/restore! Nerves at maximum level these days, months of flow programming!


Backup/restore including export to a new homey should be prio 1 indeed.


Maybe a built-in odor dispenser, three different odors;1) smells like a burning adapter 2) Smells like a angry WAF 3) Smells like you after 3 hours of making flows which were accidently deleted and were not backupped


Eau De L’ Anneau Rouge

Nice, the release is imminent, apps are being prepared: https://github.com/athombv/com.ikea.tradfri/blob/11154cec9a20c9063ece8a390629cc061df78673/app.json#L16

there are more apps already prepared for 3.0.0 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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