Zigbee - how many devices do you have?

I wonder, how many Zigbee devices do you have currently connected in the Homey Zigbee mesh ?
I’m interested about number of routers and battery operated (thinking to purchase some additional devices but maybe it’s worth to start utilizing ZWave even more). You will find those details on Homey Developer Tools

Please post only those above the latest highest limit (based on the latest highest number posted).

Total Zigbee devices : 69
Routers without Homey : 18
Routers added as first : YES (first 12)
Do you have any troubles with it ? : NO
Device : Homey Pro 2019

Thank you.

Note : This is NOT question about recommended number of Zigbee devices - https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/360019239879-Creating-a-stable-Zigbee-network-with-Homey-Pro


Thx, I know about that, but your script and data analysis is already more then 1 year old ( Mar '21)

As we all keep Homey extending, I’m wondering what are the limits.

I expect it is still the averages you will get. and you probably will not get much biger responses.

For sure not…a pity you didn’t update those stats anymore :slight_smile:

I see it can be decoded from the reports…anyway, last one from January.

Impressive (for Homey). The highest number, without issues, I’ve seen was 61.

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Actually Peter it’s 80, I just updated overview using data since March 2021 … seems there is still some space. :wink:

Thank you @Dijker .