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Unlock your door with Homey.

To integrate your Tedee Smart Lock with Homey, you will need Tedee Bridge which must be connected to the internet.

This app allows you to unlock or lock your lock and get device details like battery status.
You will be able to create flows based on lock state and more.


Add the device as you would add any device to Homey.
A polling frequency of 10 seconds is used to update the current state of the device in Homey.
When a transition is detected (for example from “Locked” to “Unlocked”), it will temporarily decrease the polling frequency to 1 second until the transition is done.


I enjoy creating apps for Homey and try to support them as best as I can. If you enjoy using my apps a donation in return for the time I put into this is much appreciated.

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Looks like this is the first good-looking device with also a normal key. Interesting!

Curious about the experience with Tedee. Plan to buy 2 for the front entrances in september, but not completely convinced yet…

Plan to buy 3 tedee.


  1. How many locks is the bridge able to handle?

  2. @evdpol: Is it possible to add a flow trigger that recognizes a manual push of the lock. I mean the push which initiate to lock the door with a 2-3s delay?


Hi Joka,

  1. The app can handle as many locks as the Tedee API can handle. I guess 3 won’t be a problem.
  2. No, not yet anyway. I contacted Tedee, and they have plans to setup an event driven “API”. I think this makes it possible. Not sure though, but the future is looking bright! :wink:

– Edwin

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The Tedee Bridge can handle up to 10 locks

Does anyone have experience with the Tedee bridge using multiple Tedee locks? I believe a 2m range for a bluetooth connection between the lock and the bridge is a very poor range and even if a bridge can handle 10 locks, the odds that this number of locks is handled by one bridge is very slim. I mean, 10 locks within 2m?

Furthermore, I’ve not yet studied the API in detail, but isn’t it possible to let Homey handle the BLE instead of the Tedee Bridge (and the Homey range is 10m).

Would be great if one could change also some paramters/flags via Homey. E.g. turning auto lock on/off

This is possible in the settings of the lock, called “Auto-lock”.

I thought of changing the setting on/off (or time to unlock) via a flow … there are aome situations where it should lock automatically, and other situations where it should not (e.g. based on a calendar entry)

Hey folks, Tedee GO is not connecting, please help, kindly find attached screenshots

Step 1: List of devices on “Tedee” official app


Failed screen:

Device on Tedee App:

Do you also have the bridge installed?

Hey, thanks for the prompt response.

I do not, but do I need it? (I really hope not, bc I thought that’s the whole purpose of Homey Pro :sweat_smile:)

You will need the bridge. It‘s also mentioned in the app description. :wink:

Ohh wow, haha, true - literally the first thing it says. :sweat_smile:

I’m curious - with all the expertise you’ve acquired working with this - would it be worth the effort to explore ways (potentially collaborating with tedee) to bypass the bridge and communicate the Homey Pro directly with the lock or would it be 1) simply impossible mechanically or 2) tedee would never agree to it?

I feel like the idea of Homey Pro (along with Thread and Matter) is such a beautiful idea, but the idea kind of seems broken if it doesn’t optimize this exact type of problem.

Thanks again for the pointer!

AFAIK the Tedee Go will get a matter update. With that it should be possible to pair the lock without bridge to Homey Pro 2023. But there is no release date for the update.

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I bought their bridge, and few days later there’s an outage allegedly related to Microsoft Azure’s, either way the fact, that tedee doesn’t have redundancies for this sort of thing (especially considering the type of product they’re offering), I sure hope they hurry with Matter :smile:

**ofc this feedback is more for tedee folks, and thanks again for your input @mluecke :hugs: