[App] Secuyou Smart Lock

Hi Helge,

try to remove the condition (AND). Then it will work.

We have just testet it and it works.

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Secuyou Support

Sent the report

But leaving it alone for a while seems to do the trick.

Did nothing and now it works good

With @Byelektrikeren posts I got it working with other flows as well

I am relatively new to homey but have now a couple of sensors, locks. Starting to understand the whole concept more or less. Just bought 4 pcs of SecuYou smart locks and have problem to get them to work with homey. No issue while adding them…I think…since you do not get a confirmation and you do not need to put lock in pairing mode. I can find my lock, renamed, in homey. Homey gives push notifications as a test flow but nothing happens to lock. Approx 1m or less between lock and homey. Everything including lock and homey is updated to newest firmware. I have read the other threads. Restart, wait. It seems to be very unstable/buggy. The lock seems to work fine with SecuYou app.

Any suggestions to solve this problem?
I have tried all the basic wait, restart, wait etc. of course no battery issue or range issue.

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Any solution or tricks?

Please, Anders, able to help here or have I bought bad hardware?

Hello @Secuyou

I’m having issues on getting the smart lock connected back to my Homey Pro 2023 (10.0.0.RC110).

  1. There are a number of “New Devices Found” and no way to know which one is the lock. Maybe you should filter per Manufacturer ID, the list of found devices.

  2. My guess was, that it is the one with the name I gave the lock.

  3. The device is created in Homey, but the setting for Homelock is not retrieved from the lock as TRUE

  4. The lock does not react to lock/unlock from the device in Homey.

The lock work perfectly with Homey Pro 2019.

It seems that the app does not receive any of the updates from the device either. The app logs in the timeline, that it can not lock, as the handle is open. Even though the handle is closed and the lock is actually locked.

Finally got an diagnostics report sent: 295c22a7-6f1d-441d-aae4-77eb878c6d0c

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Problem still persists @Secuyou, even with the released version. Please work with Athom to make these great locks work again also with Homey Pro 2023.

Sorry @Charly notifications dont comeback from the forum.

I have ben intouch with @Secuyou support and the say it depends of the Homey bluetooth firmware is still in beta. I do not think thats the state anymore.

So I agree with @OH2TH lat post, Pleasanton @Secuyou fix this asap

I guess this problem has not been solved? I just ordered a Secuyou-lock solely based on the fact that it should work with Homey, but this doesn’t seem too promising.

@Secuyou any news on this?

We will contact Athom again to get the latest state of Bluetooth for Homey Pro 2023.


Any news on this?

Any news?

Hi, got any progress in this?
The SecuYou app is updated over 1 year ago so I guess not.

Same issue here, bought even bridge to have an extender near the lock and thought it would solve som problems

It has been quite some time now. Are you working on getting the lock working also with Homey Pro 2023?

I am waiting for this to makema decision to by a secod lock for the back door. However if no actions will be taken to support them, then I will need to look for something else.

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Hi @secuyou
Is the homey pro 2019 still supported to secuyou smart lock? I can’t connect it to the homey.
It shows error code. I put some pictures of issue. Is there any help for connecting issues?
Lock works with ios phone app, but not connecting to homey pro. Edit, new user can’t insert more than three messages and only one picture in a message.

Here I try to push those unlock / lock buttons after I push that Secuyou smart lock icon

After 3 hours the homey and the lock became to communicate themselves.
I named the lock in both app to Terassi and after three hours the yellow lock icon appears inside homeys smart lock icon. It works, hopely it still works tomorrow also.

It seems that Secuyou has released a new product; “Smart Lock Matter” which seems to be compatible with Homey.

Shame I already bought the Bluetooth one last year which still isn’t working with Homey 2023…

When I first installed the lock a few weeks ago I was unable to lock/unlock with using the homey device.

Now when I tap lock or unlock in Homey device nothing happens.

When I lock or unlock with the physical button on the lock it updates in homey and I instantly get an update on time timeline in homey. So it appears Homey and the lock communicates as expected. I would prefer to be able to lock/unlock with the homey device.

No error messages in homey. Home Lock ON and Handle sensor ON.
Fw. 8
Hw. 221

Is this a known issue?

The Secuyou iphone app works with no issues.

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