[App] Secuyou Smart Lock

If you have a problem with connecting to the Secuyou Smart Lock device, try to power cycle the Homey.

We will update the Secuyou Smart Lock app soon to counter the issue.

When you add a lock to Homey then it can take a while before it is connected. Therefore wait until you see a lock (yellow) in the icon. View attached picture.

When you see the lock icon then you know it is connected. First then you can lock and unlock.

Please notice that the HOMELOCK setting in the Homey app is not working. If you want to set the lock in HOMELOCK mode please use the Secuyou Smart Lock app.

We are working on making SETTINGS work.

When locking and unlocking please make sure the lock is locked. The lock icon does not show the correct status. We are working to make it show the correct status.

New version 2.0.0 corrects the locking and unlocking in Flows.

This is a very important update to LOCK and UNLOCK. Locking and unlocking disregarded the status of the lock and just toggled the lock state - so you could end up having unlocked even though you wanted to lock.

Also if the handle is open and you try to unlock in the Homey app and it is blocked then the locking state is displayed correctly.

When I try to unlock in Homey, it instantly locks again. It works fine with the secuyou app on phone.

Perhaps the HOMEY distance to the lock is too long. Try to move the HOMEY closer to the lock.

I have placed it 1m from the lock now. But now it only shows in homey when I lock/unlock manually at door. No response on lock when trying to control from homey…

Is firmware version 5 and
Lock hardware version 22 correct?

Yes, that is correct. Have you tried to restart the HOMEY?
And using the HomeKit bridge should also mess things up.
Have you looked at this video:

It is in Danish, but perhaps you can get a few tricks from Sepp. He knows a lot about HOMEY and Secuyou integration.

Ok. Yes, restartet homey multiple times, and reinnstalled apps. Tried disabling homeykit. But still no response from lock. Other than a solid red light sometimes, that last about 30s.

No more suggestions to solve this? Could it be the lock is faulty?

Hi Statham85,
sorry about a late reply. I do believe that the Secuyou Smart Lock is working fine. But you can test it with a smart phone by installing the Secuyou Smart Lock.

We have heard of other customers experiencing the same issues as you - the lock locks immediately after you unlock it and vice versa. They solved the issue by uninstalling the Secuyou Smart Lock from the Homekit Bridge.


Hi all

It took quite a few tries but now the lock works.
One glitch happened though when I locked it looked unlocked in the Homey app. So when I tried to unlock it turned locked again and then remained synced.
Home automation is still very much an enthusiastic sport. The more fun when it actually works:)
Thanks for a great product!

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Thank you for sharing! Much appreciated.
All the best from the Secuyou Team

However nog, a week after successful pairing, the lock won’t connect to Homey. The native app works well.
I have rebooted homey, several times without success.
Any suggestions?

I ended up removing the lock from Homey and re-added it. It works but is a bit sketchy.
My guess would be that the BT implementation in Homey is to blame.
I will test it some more to see how it behaves.
(I control a lot of z-wave, zigbee and WiFi devices with Homey and that works very well)

Hi Filip_Staake,
sorry about a late reply.
Good to hear that it works again.
The Bluetooth connection should be stable however the range is short. How far is the Homey from the Secuyou Smart Lock?
Or perhaps the Homey Pro is not very good at reconnecting?!
At some point we will change the firmware so that we stay connected with the Homey Pro at all times.
Please write back.
Best regards
Secuyou Support team

Thanks for the reply.
It’s, less than 3 meters, free line of site.
I would believe the problem is Homey reconnecting to the lock.
Looking forward to the firmware update.
Just out of curiosity, when might it be released, roughly?

Thanks for your quick reply.
A conservative estimate will be a release in about 3-4 months.
Did you sign up for the Secuyou Newsletter? If not, go to our website and sign up. You can find it at the buttom of the landing page.

Hi all,

Rather new to Homey at all, I must admin. BUT I do not understand this.

I have successfully created a flow that automatically locks the door at midnight, so things works. But then I have tried two other flows that do not work. One is to lock the door 10 seconds after the door handle is being closed. The second I’ve tried is to lock the door AND to deactivate the unlock button when leaving home.

As everything works now the door handle acts as a dumb lock with an electronic button (except at midnight). Any suggestions?

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Hi Staffan,
How are you testing the flows? Please be aware of the fact that the Secuyou Smart Lock app works along with the Homey - so you can use both the app and Homey to control the lock.
In case you test ‘Leaving home’ make sure to close off Bluetooth on your smart phone (all smart phones with the Secuyou Smart Lock app). If you do not then the Secuyou Smart Lock app will connect to the lock and overrule Homey.
Secuyou Team