SecuYou control problem homey 2019

I am relatively new to homey but have now a couple of sensors, locks. Starting to understand the whole concept more or less. Just bought 4 pcs of SecuYou smart locks and have problem to get them to work with homey. No issue while adding them…I think…since you do not get a confirmation and you do not need to put lock in pairing mode. I can find my lock, renamed, in homey. Sometimes the lock respond to homey commands sometimes not. Homey gives push notifications as a test flow but nothing happens to lock. Approx 1m or less between lock and homey. Everything including lock and homey is updated to newest firmware. I have read the other threads. Restart, wait. It seems to be very unstable/buggy.

Can please someone help me to resolve this?

Haven’t had any issues with after getting it running about a year ago. Secuyou support was very helpful during that time.
I would suggest to be in contact with them directly.

Thank you.
Seems like they are willing to solve issues regarding to previous posts. I hope they will contact me soon to solve my issues.