SecuYou integration not remembering PIN?

I am using the SecuYou integration with my newly bought SecuYou smartlock

The integration works just fine, I can both see and control the lock from within Homey.
If I restart the Homey however, things starts to get weird… I can still see the lock status inside Homey, but I won’t be able to control the lock anymore. The toggle-buttons inside the app toggles, but the lock just isn’t responding anymore.

Example (lock is locked)

  • Press unlock in homey-app - does nothing
  • Press unlock physical on lock - unlocks lock, but doesn’t update homey status (since homeystatus already is “unlocked”)
  • Press lock physically on lock - locks the lock, and updates the status on homey.


  • Homey: Early 2016
  • Homey version: 7.4.3
  • Homey app version:
  • Homey Secuyou Smart Lock: 2.0.3
  • Secuyou android app: 3.6
  • Secuyou lock firmware: 6

When I’m doing testing, and the feeling of this is that the PIN-code is not being saved in Homey, but the connection is still there, so it is able to get status-updates. This is just speculation tho, but that’s the “feeling” :slight_smile:

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This is fixed in the newest release 2.0.4 :slight_smile: Thanks for awesome and super-quick support to SecuYou!

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You are welcome. We will do our best to make this work. Best regards Thomas