Danalock App PIN Management

Hi, as far as I know you can manage PIN codes with the Danabridge in place via my.danalock.com.
I wonder if the Homey App fo the Danalock will make this feature also available?
Any ideas on this?

Danalock with the Homey doen’t use the bridge, but has a direct connection with zigbee or zwave.
Pin is not available it this moment

Let’s get this back to live!

I saw the developper added the flow card ‘set pin(id-pin)’ and delete pin.

However, my homey isn’t connected to the danapad, but rather only the lock itself (ZigBee) this pincodes are stored within the danapad.

Would a Dana ridge be nesicerry for this feature to work?

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I wonder if i can connect the DanaPad to Homey.
Want to get info in to history on who opens or unlock the door with a code. So what i want is when i type in my code to unlock, a flow put into history that i have unlock the door.

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