Popp keypad - beta 2.0.6 SOLVED

Making this post since the Popp keypad only has a couple of comments in other threads.

The Popp beta, 2.0.6 is supposed to support the keypad. No problem including, it also shows up in flow card. The problem is that there is no response after entering the pin code.

Anyone have or had the same problem? Lack of resonse is a bit disappointing, I`m the only one with these problems or this product?

Hi, thanks for response!

Yes, 4 and * should put the unit in network mode. Strange thing is that beta app asks for 1 and *, stand-alone mode, during setup. Homey does not react to this inclusion method.

Does this mean that the 2.0.6 does not support network mode? I already have the Danalock keypad (bluetooth) direct towards lock. The plan with Popp was to include more flows, alarms etc.

Homey has no problem adding the keypad and the flow cards show up, so configuration is ok! But like I said, no response when entereing the pin code or pushing the doorbell.

There is actually a beta 2.0.7 on Github that I did not know about, will do a CLI install and check if this works…

Beta 2.0.7 crashes after including keypad, no luck. Works with other Popp devices.

On Beta 2.0.7 is no change on the Popp Keypad.

except from crashing app

There is obviously an bug in the zwave core, as mruiter mentions, reported a long time ago to Athom.

It will be fixed in beta 2.0.8

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OK! When will it be released?

Just added a Pull Request


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Thank you for help! You are at truly Homey hero :slight_smile: