Popp Keypad communication issue

I recently bought the Popp Keypad and the inclusion of the device into Homey Pro went flawless (network mode with button 4 and the * button)
But afterwards something with the communication is going wrong. A simple flow for the tamper alarm or the bell button is not working…

When I consult my homey developer page, it says: Secure (⨯), Offline, Battery, Unreachable
I moved the keypad next to my Homey Pro, but not difference (the route is a direct one)

The Popp Keypad firmware:

  • Version: 1
  • Sub Version: 8
  • ID: 264

Homey Pro Popp App version: v2.0.12

Any suggestions?

This does not always mean that the connection is broken, but it is a possible reason and I guess this is the problem.
Please bring the keypad close to Homey, wake up the keypad and click in Developer on Test (at the end of the row, 3 dots).
This is just a test if the keypad works in general.

If the keypad is reachable now, bring the keypad close to the repeater, which is closest to the keypad’s installation location. Then wake up the keypad again and click Test again.
Repeat the whole process at the place of installation.

Btw, sometimes the Z-Wave Mesh needs some time to optimize the routes itself. A restart of Homey reorganize the Z-Wave Mesh also. But if the keypad is to far away, additional repeater need to be installed.

Hi fantross,

I moved the keypad next to Homey (50cm) and the Test says “unreachable”.
Reboot of Homey, no difference.

I removed the keypad from Homey, did a reset of the keypad and re-added the keypad to Homey. This time the adding of the keypad didn’t went smooth. It took me several attempts before the keypad was discovered. Once discovered I looked in Developer and same status as before:

The Heal commans says:

What else can I try?

Did you woke up the keypad before starting the test?

If there is an Unknown in the column Route like it is, than you have to include it again.