How add user to Popp Keypad (Zwave)

I have a Popp Keypad and I installed the Popp app.

But I can’t find how to add users and the code, can I do that from Homey or do I need to add the user and the code directly at the Popp Keypad?

Hello, you need to enter users pin-codes on the keypad locally and not in Homey. When you have added users you can use the flows 1-20 users! Check Popp manual! #Mapulu has been great and worked out the keypad issues!

Ok! I used tested the keypad with Vera Plus and SmartThings and withboth of them I was able to administrate the pin codes from the Vera and SmartThings. I was hoping for that here aswell. :-).

I see, now you now. Have the keypad myself and no problem as described!

Well it depends how you use it. I use mine at a door where I give people temporary codes.

Have nt the time and not the device itself at the moment. It should be possible to set the pin codes via homey but needs some rewrite of the app.

lovely, if you are in EU I could borrow you mine. Drop me an message :slight_smile:

another Popp Keypad question, do you know how to disable the buzzer (beep) when pressing a button.

In the manual I read this:
Parameter 6: Buzzer Confirmation
Size: 1 Byte, Default Value: 1

Setting Description
0 Disabled
1 Enabled

The settings are not included at the moment in the popp app.
Go to Advanced settings
Raw configuration parameter