[APP][PRO] YouLess, Enelogic, PVOutput - Belgian and Dutch P1 Smart Meter Reader

i’m using homey pro 2023. Everything working well. Yesterday I installed the Shelly app. Yesterday evening I tried to install the Shelly PM mini. It did not work because it was not on the same vlan as Homey. All this at yesterday evening at 20:00 (I don’t gidding, it just happened).
But since that time Influx db don’t work, Youless stopped as well as Envoy. At last I removed the Shelly app and waited overnight. No result.
This morning I reset the Shelly PM mini and connected it to the Homey Vlan. Installed the Shelley app again and was able to add the device.
But the mentioned apps (and/or devices) still don’t work. Restarting the apps, rebooting Homey and als o disconnecting it from power (waiting 10 sec at least) did not do the trick.
I’m not sure if I should post it here but it started with using Shelly for the first time.

For what is worth, I’ve created a diagnostic report just now: a2b7206b-05b5-4e5e-8dac-1c44714ab208


I have a Youless LS120 running, connect to a s0 port on a kWh meter.
I added this Youless to my new Homey Pro, and all seems to work perfectly, except:

I want it to register negative: generated power I want to be negative, all bought power I want to be shown as positive. This works for my P1 meter, my wall plugs a.s.o., except for the Youless.

I set it to “SolarPanel (Producing)” but still in the Youless tile it shows the energy as a + value.

Is it technically possible to do this in the Homey Apps?

Greetz and thanks,


Solar production is shown as a positive number in Homey. In the Homey energy tab (mobile app) it is correctly calculated though.

Is it possible to add an option in the Youless App with which the user can choose to change the +/-?
Because the Homewizard app for P1-port for example shows the opposite (solar = minus, usage = +), also for the energy-socket.

In the youless App I changed setting for the Youless from “Standard Apparatus” to " Solar Panels", with this it is probably possible to change the polarity in the Tile?

For me it makes sense that if a solar panel produces power, it is shown as positive number. Because this is also standard homey behaviour i would like to keep it as it is.

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Just started on a Youless LS120 on the P1 port of a KAIFA with DSMR 5.5 (on a 1-phase system) and am wondering if I can do polling every 1 second, currently the minimum in the settings is every 10 seconds. Is that technically possible?

Also, I am on a dynamic energy contract, so there are no off-peak usage/times, it is all one value, but when I disable ‘report OFFpeak’ in the settings I don’t have the full total usage. Would it be possible to have a dynamic mode in settings where peak usage+off-peak usage are added together and shown as one value? The same would apply to the production peak+production off peak, it would be great if it was in one value.

I don’t understand why my question is treated like this.

I just ask to make it more flexible by changing the polarity with the configuration it has: Solar panel or Standard.

All other Tiles in Homey for me show a positive value if it’s usage, and a negative value if it’s generated energy. Fibaro, Homewizard P1, Homewizard EnergyPlug…

So Torch1969, what you claim is not true in my Homey Tiles.
Also you give an answer on a question I did not ask. You will still be able to show it as positive value if you like.

Well I didn’t want to offence you, so if you read it that way, I’m sorry.

I only wanted to make sure that the developer knows the current behaviour is also ok for some people.

In your overview you treat a wall socket the same as solar panel. For homey a wall socket is treated differently as a solar panel… that’s the point I think.

But I guess the developer knows best what can be done….

Solar panel behavior in Homey (polarity) is defined by Homey, not by the app. As soon as you set the S0 to solar, the polarity is reversed by Homey, meaning: production is shown as a positive number.

Hello Gruijter,

yes that is the issue: no matter what I set the s0 to: standard or solar panel, it always stays a positive value, the polarity is not changed.
Probably Homey just forwards the value of the Youless without doing anything to the data.

@ Torch1969, indeed normally a Energy plug can only register usage, so only positive values.
That’s why I bought this Homewizard Energy plug, it can register energy in 2 directions.

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New version 4.4.0 was just released as test: Youless and Enelogic | Homey

  • youless@2.8.1.
  • Added Belgian P1 water meter.
  • Added custom port setting.
  • Minimum poll lowered to 1 second.
  • Pairing fixes.
  • Stability fixes.

Many thanks to YouLess, who has sponsored this release!
Also many thanks to @Perron for providing a test connection to his Belgian smart meter :kissing_heart:

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Super! ik ga het proberen…

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Dag Robin

Ik heb een simpele flow gemaakt die mij een bericht stuurt wanneer de watermeter verandert, en dat gaat goed. Ik zie ook de gegevens in het overzicht van de youless, na het vinkje voor water in de settings te hebben gezet.

Wat mij betreft ok.

Super, dank voor de snelle service :-). Kan ik mijn router weer sluiten, of heb je nog toegang nodig?

Groetjes Jasper

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Ja hoor. Gooi maar weer dicht. Ik wil echt niet weten wanneer je naar de WC gaat snachts. :rofl:

Nu zou youless de watergegevens ook nog in de IOS app moeten gaan weergeven, want het is nu enkel op de website en natuurlijk in Homey…

Daarvoor moet je bij YouLess zelf zijn. Maar who needs de iOS app als je de Homey app hebt? Gewoon een favoriet apparaat van maken, staat ie vooraan😉

Ach ja, ik ben bierbrouwer en kan gemakkelijk mijn waterverbruik zien via de youless app. maar niet via de telefoon.

Zeg eens ’ Gewoon een favoriet apparaat van maken, staat ie vooraan’ hoe bedoel je dat?


Ik zie dat je de gasmeterstand hebt afgerond op 2 decimalen? De Youless geeft mij 3 decimalen.
Heb je dat expres gedaan? Het water gaat wel beide met 3 decimalen.


Hi @Gruijter thx for the update. I was wondering if something changed in the solar power part. My solar panels (S0 of youless) aren’t reported anymore in the homey energy as solar panels. I see I can change how it should be reported in the advanced settings of the device, and is defaulted as “standard device”, but even if I change it to “solar”, it still is reported as a device that is consuming energy (in stead of producing).
Bug report 25c5a894-c888-4c41-a34c-e40e21ccf1fd