[APP][PRO] YouLess, Enelogic, PVOutput - Belgian and Dutch P1 Smart Meter Reader

YouLess - Reduce your CO2 footprint

Know and act realtime on your power usage, power production, gas usage and water usage.

This Homey app integrates Enelogic P1 and YouLess LS110/LS120 energy meters. A direct connection over IP is used, so there is no dependency on the Enelogic cloud service.


Analogue Energy meter

The LS110/LS120 driver provides logs and flow cards for the following data:

  • Actual power usage/production (W, 10s interval)
  • Totalized power meter (kWh, 10s updates)

S0 Energy meter

The LS120 S0 driver provides logs and flow cards for the following data:

  • Actual power usage/production (W, 10s interval)
  • Totalized power meter (kWh, 10s updates)

P1 Energy and Gas meter

With the P1 connection on the LS120 or Enelogic you get the following extra’s:

  • All individual power meters (kWh, 10s updates)
  • Recent gas usage (m3, of the previous hour)
  • Gas meter (m3, 1 hour updates)
  • Tariff change (off-peak, true or false)

S0 Water meter

The LS120 S0 driver can be used with a pulse water meter. It provides logs and flow cards for the following data:

  • Actual water flow (L/min)
  • Water meter (m3) The required pulse meter depends on your type of water meter. See for more info here: pulse meters

Ledring screensaver:

  • See how much energy you are using or producing just by looking at your Homey!
  • Is the wash-dryer ready? Am I now producing power to the grid?

The power is totalized for consumed and produced power, during off-peak and peak hours. Production to the powergrid is displayed as negative watts. Only changed values are logged.

Free optical Watermeter

This experimental driver makes use of the optical sensor of the YouLess LS110 and LS120. It has successfully been tested on water meters from Vitens (type 1). Place the optical sensor on the rotating mirror. Exact positioning is required. See the detailed installation manual for further instructions.

The water meter driver provides logs and flow cards for the following data:

  • Actual water flow (L/min, 60s average)
  • Water meter (m3)

The water meter driver can be installed additionally to the power meter driver. If you use the LS120 with P1 connection, you will get all electricity meters, the gas meter and the water meter simultaneously from one YouLess device! The water meter driver uses the raw reflectiveness of the optical sensor. It has to poll the YouLess 3x per second, so you need a stable WiFi network.

Device setup in Homey

To setup, go to “Devices” and choose the correct driver. Enter the fixed IP-address of the Youless device, or have Homey discover it for you.

Analogue Energy meter : choose the LS110/120-E driver.

P1 Energy and Gas smart meter : Use the LS120-P1 if you have a P1 connection to your smart meter. In the next screen select which P1 meters you want to include in Homey. The totalized power meter is always included.

S0 Energy meter : choose the LS120-S0 driver, and select ‘power’ as meter type.

S0 Water meter : choose the LS120-S0 driver, and select ‘water’ as meter type.

Optical Water meter : if you want to use the experimental optical watermeter, choose the LS110/120-W driver.


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Version changelog: changelog.txt


The old forum can be found here: https://forum.athom.com/discussion/2779/





Enelogic app v2.1.0 was just uploaded to the app store and is awaiting approval from Athom. It mostly has changes under the hood to improve stability even more.
Gas meters will now report gas usage as often as the smart meter can provide it. Recent smart meters will report every 5 minutes.

The Youless version of the app will be updated one or two weeks later.


I’ve ordered the YouLess LS120 and I plan to link it to my Enelogic, although Homey knows nothing about that.
From a Homey side of things though, does it matter which app I install? Enerlogic or Youless?
Will the Enerlogic app eventually use the Enerlogic APi and Youless will stay separate? Or will they eventually merge into one app (because then I’ll rather get that one up front :wink: )?

Hi @veldkornet ,

The only difference between the 2 apps is that I tend tot release new versions a bit sooner for the enelogic version. Other than that the drivers for youless are the same.

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By the way, I see that you got the water readings working with a Youless… So I was wondering, I have an Aquadis+ water meter, which uses the Itron Cyble Pulse Sensor.

If I connect one of these to the Youless LS120 S0 port, would that work as well for water?

I believe that would work. The meter would only show up as energy (watt and kWh) in stead of water (L/min and M3), but the numbers should be correct.
I would be interesses tot know if that works, so let us know when you try.:+1:

Come to think of it: if connected to s0 it would probably report liter per second, and not liter per minute. Still it should be usable.

I ordered one, so I’ll see this coming week how things go. I see it’s currently being considered for Enelogic as well.

Assuming all works okay, would it in theory be possible to update the Homey app so that you can choose what the s0 port is used for on the LS120 P1 (water vs what ever it’s currently for) so that the stats/insights at least show correctly in Homey?

Should be possible if it works, but not on my priority list.

Youless still needs to officially support my watermeter ‘hack’ based on the optical sensor. I do not like to add another hack to the homey app to use s0 as watermeter, when this is not fully supported by youless.

Hi @Peter_12

Wrong forum topic. Post it at the youless and enelogic thread: [APP] YouLess and Enelogic smart energy meter

I would then answer you that you need the enelogic firmware (-EL) in stead of pvoutput. :wink:

So I connected the Itron Cyble to my Youless LS120 via the s0 port, then in Homey I added the “LS120 s0” and indeed it works perfectly.

Only the descriptions are all wrong:
kWh -> m3
Watt -> liter/uur

If there was some way to change that, it would be perfect. Like maybe a “LS120 s0 Water”

Thanks for sharing! Good to know this works. I hope youless will start oficially supporting water meters in their firmware. If they do I will surely make a new device for it! Maybe you can point youless to your request and this forum :wink:

Ah, cool then I can also read the watermeter :smiley:

Version 2.1.0 will be available soon in the appstore for the Youless app as well (Now it is already available in the Enelogic and Youless version)

Ik probeer mijn LS110 toe te voegen maar bij de E krijg ik een toevoeg error maar bij water niet

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Could you make an issue on github, and paste the app log with the add error there? @Danny

The issue with LS110 is fixed. A new version of the Enelogic and Youless app is waiting approval in the appstore:

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It is available now in the appstore as version 2.2.0

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@Gruijter Robin thx!! 5 stars for you!!

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