Enelogic p1 or Youless outside NL?

Anybody knows about market outside NL for this product? Someone has a unit to sell? I`ll even hire Max Verstappen to drive it to Oslo…

They only work on Dutch or Belgian smart meters. Do you plan to import that too?

Why is that? If I only use port p0, water sensor. (Water sensor - enelogic/youless - lan)

Ah ok. The S0 port is indeed just a pulse counter. Should work anywhere in the universe.

that was also my understanding, therefore very interested, should work with this water sensor, https://www.vvs-handelen.no/produkt/sementtvangsblandere/kamstrup-multical-21-130-mm-pulse-adapter

Just ask youless directly if they are willing to ship abroad.

Ok, thanks I will.

Hashop.nl added Norway to the list, shipping 30 euros, now possible to add water meters

Youless ships for 6.50 euros

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Well, works perfect also in Norway, can confirm that the Kamstrup 21 with pulse sensor works beautifully with Youless 120 SO. By far the best solution to monitor water usage.

Using prometheus exporter/influx and grafana for visualization, just perfect!

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Are there any more reasonably priced alternatives than 3k NOK to get pulse measurements though?

Does it work “out of the box”? You don’t need to do any configuration inside the MULTICAL 21? I don’t think that I’m allowed to do any modification on this flow meter! :wink:

Works! You do nothing to the meter. Just put it in pulse mode.


I have just included that device out of the box without any issues.
I bought a used one of this device.

  • reset as per handbook
  • firmware upgrade via Android App
  • installed to the digital meter with the sticky PAD (use the correct impulse LED, not the one were you use flaslight for some activations or tibber pulse at the round hole), at mine it was somewhere on the left and easy to attach once I had noticed it :stuck_out_tongue:
  • works like a charme and I already got addicted to the monitoring of current usage of power, I wonder why i havent done this much earlier!

Now it would be nice to get this working with the GAS metering unit but this seem to be not possible or more tricky.

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The youless device works very well till now.
Today I had noticed something suspicious.

I was kind a freaking out why I had high power usage while the BKW procedure energy which should have covered all my usage that time. I had noticed that the total amount of energy seem to increment also when I produce energy which goes out to the network.

Looks to me like that at the digital meter the LED impulse reading does not indicate if power is used or given away to the network?

Cloud came > consumption decreased
Cloud away from sun > consumption jumped up

The total amount of energy monitored is about 7-8 kWh higher then at the reader itself which seem to match the number of kWh I had not used myself and gave away.

I assume there is nothing I can do about it but its anway working very well for monitoring but now I know that i can not trust it on days where the sun might produce more then being used :(. Neither will I notice if i shall turn on devices because of energy being given away for free.