[Tuturial] Installation of the Youless LS120 linked to a Smart meter P1 & Water meter S0

This tutorial is to explain how to install the Youless LS120, Connecting a water reading device and the installation of the device drivers in Homey.

With the Youless LS120, you have the option to read the P1 & S0 port at the same time. P1 will be connected to the Smart Meter (Electricity and Gas reading) and S0 to water meter sensor.

In order to get the correct reading device for your watermeter you can use the following link to select one (Dutch Watermeter overview):

[Water Meter Sensor Selection]

The installation of the puls sensor is very simple. Mount the yellow wire to the S0 + and the Black wire to the S0 - of the LS120.

Mount the sensor on your watermeter (see instructions of the water sensor).

After you have connected the water sensor to S0 and the Smart Meter to P1, it’s time to connect the Youless to your LAN network and power it on with the usb power supply. When connected you can access Youless via the IP adders of your browser. If you do not know the ip, please use a LAN scanner or try: http://youless
Do not change the numbers for Pulsen/kWh and S0 (imp./kWh). On the Youless portal the units can not be changed. In Homey it has the correct unit: m3 for water.
Youless Elektra

Next is the installation of the app in Homey. You can use the following app to link Youless with Homey: “Enelogic and Youless” made by Robin Gruijter @Gruijter.

You have to install 2 device drivers. One for the Electricity part and one for the water measurement.

Install the first by selecting: LS120 P1
After the installation the app is receiving data from the Youless for electricity and gas part.

Now you can install the 2nd driver. Please select LS120 SO
After installation your watermeter information will be visible.

You have the possibility in the section Advanced settings of the water reading to set the correct offset of the water meter: S0 Meter Value #.

Homey Insights will provide the readings in visual.


Has anyone got this working with the Sensus HRI? As I am thinking of buying one and just would like to be sure it is working :slight_smile:

Hi Ray,

Did you see https://forum.athom.com/discussion/comment/61126/#Comment_61126 ?
Info from: [APP] YouLess and Enelogic Belgian and Dutch Smart Meter Reader

Maybe you can try :grinning:

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