Create Insight log

I must do something wrong, but I am trying to register water consumption.
I made an app, with a custom capabilities.

But when I put “insights”: true, Homey saves me an average every 5 seconds, as if it was a temperature …

What I want is to be able to tell him at 7:35 I have consumed 5L of water and at 7:37 17L then at 7:39 3L

I had managed to create an insight (but which was attached to the application, but not to the device) but I can’t do it anymore ??? I don’t remember how I did it … And I erased everything …

Can anyone help me?

forget making your own app. Use an existing app and buy a device to start metering your water:

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It’s very nice, but I am already equipped with this type of material:

I have 4 current clamps, relays and lots of other things on it …
And the interest of Homey, is precisely to be able to develop its own app for its own needs?
Despite the documentation being fairly well done, it lacks a lot of examples …

The examples are all over github. Just look at the published code of any app that does similar things to what you want to do.