Connected water meter

Hello, does anyone use a connected water meter? if yes which one and with what application.

my goal being to know if I have a water leak or water consumption on a secondary water network.


Hello and thank you @Gruijter ,

it’s very complete but I just need to know if the water is flowing and if possible battery powered

Not affiliated in any way, it’s just a product I know it exists:

Or you can look to : HomeWizard Wi-Fi Watermeter - HomeWizard
You could add more then one meter to your account.

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I was thinking of something more with that and why not a sensor connected to it.



Powertool Water Flow Sensor Hall Effect Copper Flow Meter Water Flow Switch Fluid Meter for Water Heater Flow Measuring Device

Should work with this app

or a very expensive ready to go device:

Of deze icm de youless?

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Youless ?

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Easy way is to install and use Homewizard
Watermeter Homewizard

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Thanks for your response, but I need to know immediately if there is a leak.

I have no electricity at this level and the Watermeter solution gives this:

If an electrical outlet is not available, you can use 2 CR123A batteries (sold separately) for 1 year of historical data every 6 hours.

Drop these everywhere you could expect a leak: Aqara Watersensor | Zigbee | Wit Aqara