[APP][PRO] YouLess, Enelogic, PVOutput - Belgian and Dutch P1 Smart Meter Reader

Mmh. Weird. I dont remember changing anything in that part of the code. So you had it set to solar before, and that stopped working after the update without changing any setting?

Meters are rounded to 2 decimals as default by Homey. I can change that to 3 in the next release. (i wasnt aware I didnt already do that for gas)

I don’t know if it has been reported before, but it would be so useful if points and commas were used in the Dutch way. I’m shocked by consumption every time Or is this a setting in Homey?

To all: please keep this thread in English :kissing_heart:

Yes, the use of decimal point vs comma is a Homey system setting. Nothing I can do from the app.

Well, I haven’t checked the energy dashboard and solar panels reporting in a while, so not sure when this started. I looked into it because of testing the stecagrid app and saw that inverter reporting as solar panels, but missed the youless solar panels. I don’t use homey energy panel a lot, so no big deal for me, but maybe it affect’s other behaviour also? For instance how PBTH is using this devices data?

I cannot reproduce this. When I change the device to ‘solar/producing’ it is part of solar panels in Homey Energy. It might require a Youless app restart after the energy type is changed.

v4.4.1 was just released as test: Youless and Enelogic | Homey

  • Gas meter decimals extended to 3.

Especially for you @Perron :kissing_heart:

Yup, that did the trick. Thanks for pointing me into that direction, should have thought of it myself.

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Belgium has recently changed the invoicing method for the electrical infrastructure to what is called ‘Capaciteitstarief’. In short, every 15 minutes the average kW usage is measured and named ‘kwartierpiek, the the highest of these values in one month is named ‘maandpiek’ and the average of 12 maandpieken is used for calculating the cost for the enduser.

The Youless reports these kwartier and maandpieken…

So there you have it Robin, can these be added too? Or at least the maandpiek, because that one is most important?

The cost for 1 kW piek is around € 50 depending on the area one lives in. The minimum tariff used is 2,5 kW for every household. The idea is that an average household will have a peak of about 4-5 kW.
I have made a setting in my solar batteries save some energy to jump in and reduce the ‘pieken’. Works perfectly. I would like to have Homey inform me when the pieks change…so that I can adjust the settings of my batteries.

Thanks Jasper

I have received reports that the new app update doesnt go well with old YouLess firmware.
So if you have issues, try updating the firmware to 1.6.0.

Edit: new app version 4.4.2 is released: Youless and Enelogic App for Homey | Homey

  • Fix for firmware below 1.6-EL

Hi Perron. Unfortunately I have many apps that are in need of maintenance. Creating and maintaining apps is VERY time consuming. So I need to prioritize. The time I spent on creating the update to version 4.4.x was sponsored by YouLess, as a service to the YouLess users. But my other apps are now in dire need of my attention. I don’t know if/when I have time again for adding new features to the YouLess app.

Hi Gruijter
I understand. I have taken the liberty to ask Youless to give you some support on this :wink: Maybe that will help to speed this request of mine up a little.
If not, I will be patient. If you could just add the ‘maandpiek’ to your Youless todolist, then one day…
Thanks so far!

*** edit ***
I have also created a flow that calculates the kwartierpiek and maandpiek. I have a workaround in place :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, so maybe someone can help me with this. I’m not sure what brand is better… the plugwise smile p1, or this one? The price is almost the same, so that’s not the deal breaker… it must be functionality. So this device function totally local on the network, plugwise not i think? Is that the only difference? Plugwise have wifi, this device don’t?

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Just installed the app, thanks! wanted to use it to drive my sun curtains, if the production of electricity is above a certain amount, iso using yet another sensor to measure the sun intensity in house).

I have the check if power is changed in the flow, but need a and card to check the amount of power being created (anything above 1000w means the sun intensity in my situation is high), but that does not exist unfortunately.

can that be added for the enelogic P1 (I don’t have the youless) sensor?


for others that are in need it if, for now used BLL to calculate and work with it:

You found it already :wink:. Logic cards can do that trick for any app.

Hello. I’m having a problem with my Youless LS120 P1 meter in Homey. I have 2 of them, each connected to its own HP2023. In 1 environment however the Youless keeps losing its 3-phase capabilities (Power, Current, Voltage). When I change a setting (for example polling interval by 1 second), then the device becomes unavailable saying “Migrating, please wait” and then after a minute or so it comes back with all of its capabilities. When I then check a few hours later, they are all gone again. Pretty frustrating…

Does anyone have an idea of what causes this? And hopefully how to solve this?


@Gruijter Do you have any idea what causes this?

I can only think of the second youless getting corrupt data once in a while. This makes Homey think it doesnt have certain capabilities. The do both have the same firmware and settings? Did you try swapping them around to see what happens?

Edit: and try relaxing the polling to 5 sec or more.