[APP][Pro] Xiaomi Mi Home App

:moneybag: Bounty thread for updating Xiaomi Mi Home to SDK3 :moneybag:

I will post update as per info in this thread
(intentionally as new message to keep raising attention)

Please don’t commit your donation if you will not keep up on your donation.

@Sharkys - €15 - any working update (commitment by this message)
@Glenn_Dijkstra - €25 (in case of update of the original app) - commitment :+1:
@Henk_Renting - €25 - commitment :+1:
@M_a_r_c_o - €15 - commitment :+1:
@Jan_Peeters - €25 - commitment :+1:
@JPe4619 - €25 - commitment :+1:

Sum : €130
Paypal link - PayPal.Me (always rely on info provided by Jelger Haanstra - @Phuturist )

Other potential donations :
@caaaasper €10, commitment (not sufficient history on forum)

@Phuturist :pray: FYI

Conditions to be fulfilled : Xiaomi Mi Home SDK3 compatible version published
ETA : don’t ask for ETA, trust to the community and developers

In case of any disagreements, let me know by PM or by reply to this message.

Right, that will hugely add to the amount of work I need to put into this. As mentioned I started with updating the code for the WiFi devices of the app store version as that was my own code to begin with. But now I’m almost done with the upgrade of the entire app store version including the Zigbee subdevices available there. I have re-written most parts of the app. I can probably merge the devices from the community store version into this app but I really dont want to be stuck on outdated hardware while having to support this app. So I appreciate the effort some of you are putting into this.

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@moderators :raised_hands: , can you please transfer this thread over to @Phuturist ?
Evidence on taking over from previous developer : link
App already transferred : Xiaomi Mi Home | Homey

Thank you.

Does anyone have any idea if the IR devices functionality in the settings paged is being used?

… if the IR devices functionality in the settings paged is being used?
I don’t have IR devices, so couldn’t tell.

Never used this personally…

The git version supports more Humidifier options, finally got mine working with the Git version :smiley: But the app crashes a lot, So i will patiently wait :smiley:

What are you awaiting? I still need more funding to make this happen …

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v3.0.9 - 2023-02-06

No functional changes. Updated the app manifest to reflect a new developer and the possibility for future development and a possible upgrade to SDK3. See the forum support topic for further details.

TL;TR: This app is end-of-life soon if not upgraded. I need financial support to upgrade and continu development. If you want to keep using it in the future, pledge for a donation in this topic.

The long version: For the users of this app the stumble upon this topic because the app was just updated after many months or you noticed that the app is not supported on Homey Pro 2023. I’m the inital developer of this app and have now (temporary) taken over ownership of the app again after it has not been maintained for a long time by the developer that took over from me some time ago. My motivation for doing this is to create a win-win situation for both me and the users of this app and I need your help to do this.

This app is currently developed in SDK2. This version will be out of support soon making the app as it is end-of-life. It will not work on Homey Pro 2023 and will be taken out of the app store at some point. I offered to develop, maintain and improve this app because the developer that took over from me some years ago is pretty much out of the picture. First thing to do would be to make the upgrade to SDK3 to avoid getting it hidden / removed from the app store. While making this upgrade I will also merge it with the version that is in the community store that has a lot of duplicate devices but also offers some extra devices. Second would be to make sure it’s compatible with Homey Pro 2023 as the SDKv3 seems to behave a little different on the new hardware.

But to be able to do so I need to have a Homey Pro 2023 in the first place. My Homey Early 2016 is slowly dying and is not suitable anymore for continued development. But here is the thing, I don’t have any benefit myself for buying a Homey Pro 2023 since I don’t actively use Homey myself anymore. I asked Athom if they are willing to contribute but they wont. For some reason they do not see how important it is to support community developers even though their eco system hugely depends on it. So my plan is to raise enough money through donations from users to get me a Homey Pro 2023. When I do get enough donations I will make sure the app is upgraded and works with Homey Pro 2023.

Already some users have pledged for this. If you want to see this app further developed, maintained and improved you can make a pledge yourself. Just post it here in this topic. @Sharkys is already keeping track of the donations and will add it to the list. Thank you for reading.


For all non-developers that might want to suggest to “just” get a second-hand Early 2016: it looks like HP2023’s implementation of SDK3 is quite different from the previous implementation. Even if an SDK3 app works on the “old” HP doesn’t mean it will run on the new HP. So for developers to properly test their apps, they basically require the new hardware to be able to test their apps with.


Hi all, between all your good work getting the app ready for the new Homey Pro I have a question adding a Roidmi EVE Plus to my early 2019 Homey Pro.

I already have the token, but when I try to add the vacuum robot it says;


What am I missing here?

Just a note here - the funding is currently insufficient, so it’s not confirmed it will even happen ;-(

Which kind of Robot ? Just in case it’s RoboRock ? That’s covered by another unsupported app - [APP][Pro] Roborock Vacuum Cleaners - #530 by Sharkys

Roidmi EVE Plus :slight_smile:

It’s mentioned before, but no confirmation if it eventually worked;

This is going great … :rofl:

I’ll continu my efforts to make the upgrade to SDK3 and to merge the two apps but as it stands I wont be able to give any garantees it will work on Homey Pro 2023 and I wont be able to maintain and further develop the app without a proper working Homey. Which rises the question if the current donators are still willing to donate their pledge without that garantee and continued development. Or that I’m now just waisting my free time on this while it’s a loose-loose situatie anyway.


I would gladly pay for an updated version of ‘Mi Homey’ that I had to CLI-install, with power reporting capabilities.
I will for sure postpone migrating to Homey 2023 as long as humanly possible.

Because I’m merging Mi Homey into Xiaomi Mi Home (the app store version) you would have to re-pair your devices under this app if you make the switch. But I’ll do my best in making all devices now available under Mi Homey als being available under the SDK3 version of the app store Xiaomi Mi Home app.


As you know I already did, regardless of the result :slight_smile:

Hope it motivates also the rest…and not only those of us who promissed something but hopefully even rest of those users.

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Hi there, let’s be clear. I do still want to pay. I even believe there should be like a donation from everybody that downloads an app. Let’s say… 50 cents per app after a 1 month trial. That will cost 15 euros if you have 30 apps, and the developers get 500€ for every 1000 app downloads. It will stimulate the developer to support an app and helps innovation.

Anyway, It will only help me when the update to SDK3 comes not too long after I get my homey pro 2023.
I hope not to offend/put too much pressure on anybody by saying this, but…

  • My curtains close depending on the status of the contact sensors.
  • My door locks depending on the status of the contact sensors.
  • My heimdall alarm depends on it.
  • My tado system warms depending on open or closed windows and doors.

If it takes too long, I’m still willing to pay, but I ll have to add them directly to homey while waiting. For me the biggest reason to use the gateway, is because it’s extremely stable and the limited amount of zigbee devices on the current homey pros.

Homey 2023 will hopefully be more stable and will support up to 200 zigbee devices.

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I’m myself thinking that “we” (= @Phuturist) shall wait till SDK2 EOL and then I think there might be interest :wink: However I must also admit that in general forum is somehow quite recently… except of few aps finally upgraded to SDK3, not sure why it’s happening.

Re 0.5USD, I was proposing in another thread, eg. to have paid options for app but seems it’s against Athom policy (not sure it’s even forbidden to be proposed). But this it little OT for this thread.

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