[APP][Pro] Xiaomi Mi Home App

I pledge € 10,-

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sounds very promising , thank you for your work

Thank you for your work Jelger, 8600 + users !? Wow…I did not expect that number honestly - a pity we don’t have paid app store or such option. That could be even 0.5Eur for example but with so many users, there will be no need for pledge at all and possibly even developers will be motivated on further changes even when it would be bumpy road … I wonder if anyone ever proposed that as actually it would be even less expensive for myself, considering all the donations I made so far as appreciation :wink:

@caaaasper thank you for your pledge, but I will not count with you at this moment and you don’t have history on the forum here. So it will be very nice surprise if it happens from your side after all (no offense but I hope you understand)

I just pushed version 3.0.9 to the test channel in the app store to update some of the developer details and to create a better baseline for a possible upgrade to SDK3. So this is still a SDK2 version with no functional changes, at least I hope there are none. As the latest version of the code was not available on Github I had to do some manual version control with a small risk of things getting messed up. I’m looking for some people that can install the test version to verify it’s working as expected. You can easily go back to the live version afterwards without issues.

Let me know.


So far no issues but I have just Philips Zigbee lights…

I only have aqara contact and motion sensors, but just installed it. I’ll let you know soon

My purifier still works under the latest Test version! :slight_smile:
Hopefully when development starts i can add the Humidifier V1.
For now i still have the device.power is not a function

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Luckily the new testversion installed next to the old app (Probably because I installed it from the HCS).
I can add my gateway in the app settings and add child devices as well. Works well!
Only the gateway itself couldn’t be added, as you cannot choose this device in the app. This was possible in the old app.

Would be great if it could be added as well (in time), because then you can control the gateway’s light and even play sounds through it’s internal speaker:

Thanks so far!

Ok, thanx for testing. Enough response, I pushed 3.0.9 to live and it’s awaiting certification from Athom (as the manifest has changed even though there are no functional changes).

Further development has started, question is more if I’ll ever finish and release it. I really need some funding to eventually replace my Homey early 2016 to continu development. I dont want to be responsible for maintaining the app on hardware that is end-of-life and I dont want to (fully) pay for a new Homey Pro 2023 myself. So I’m looking for funding, see the posts above. If I do eventually continu development I can look into specific devices, first would be the upgrade to SDK3.

Not sure why Maxmudjon disabled the pairing of this device as WiFi Mi Home device. Could be in conflicts with pairing of Zigbee child devices but I would have to investigate.

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No problems here aswell, thanks

Does anyone know what the devices button on the settings page of an added gateway is supposed to do. By looking at the code it’s supposed to show some modal window with subdevices but this does not work for me. This does not even work in the current SDK2 version as far as I can tell and I wonder if I should fix it or just remove it.

You should only compare with the version on Github. The Githun version is more recent than the version you are referring to.

Looking at the Guthub version, the ‘devices’ button has been long since removed.

I took the time to do some testing on the test version.
My findings:
Battery levels (for battery powered devices) are not updated.
Temperatures update-frequency is really slow.

Github was still at 3.0.5. I updated the version in test (3.0.9) based on version 3.0.8 which was send to me by Maxmudjon as a zip file. But both versions have that devices button.

But I already fixed that button after posting my question. Now the modal shows but not information shown there is shown correctly so I’m now fixing that as well.

I can see there is an issue in the current code with battery levels being reported as out of range due to a number lower than 0 or higher than 100. I have fixed it in my local branch. This issue has been present in the current code for years. It seems to resolve itself some time after app initialisation. About the update frequency. I have not changed anything related to status updates.

Github was still at 3.0.5 . I updated the version in test (3.0.9 ) based on version 3.0.8 which was send to me by Maxmudjon as a zip file. But both versions have that devices button.

Github = v1.1.17
Better use this version, this is the most evolved version.

I’m updating the Xiaomi Mi Home app (the one that is in the app store) and not the Mi Homey app (which is in the community store). But perhaps I can eventually merge them if enough funds become available to allow me to buy a new Homey and I can actually keep on maintaining the app.

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Hm, interesting - now when you asked, I realized I don’t recall having that button in previous versions, which corresponds to Jan’s info that it might have been removed long time ago :wink:
Based on your description, seems to be useful …

I have been thinking on this… would it be against developers rules to state in … Changelog ? Settings page ? When adding new devices ? etc. that for new version to be developed, you are looking for funding ? I also added review to the recent version stating info about the funding but I’m not sure how otherwise make aware those xxx thousands of users that they might get new version available if they contribute each a little… also I remember on different places quite often people were also asking for new devices to be added etc. But when I imagine ordinary user, they might be even not aware that anything is going on… also if Athom will hide SDK2 apps from the store, it would be even worse.

MiHomey on Github Vs. Xiaomi Mi Home in app store.
Many, many, many more devices available on Github.


count me in for €25

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