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Use Homey to control WiFi devices which connect trough the Xiaomi Mi Home app. You can also use this app to control Xiaomi / Aqara Zigbee devices which are connected to a Xiaomi gateway. There are no restrictions to the number of connected Zigbee devices, since you can have multiple Mi Gateway devices and distribute all Zigbee devices between them. If you want to control ZigBee devices directly from Homey please use the Xiaomi Zigbee app available in the Homey app store.


Xiaomi does not officially support controlling devices from outside the Mi Home app. Additional steps are required for pairing these devices with Homey that require some technical knowledge. It also means not all available devices are supported. Also be aware that Xiaomi can make changes to it’s eco system at any time resulting in Homey not being able to control these devices anymore.

Pairing miIO devices

For Homey to be able to communicate with devices over the miIO protocol a unique device token needs to be obtained. In some cases technical knowledge is needed for retrieving these tokens. See the instructions here on retrieving device tokens and here for which driver to pair your device with.

Adding support for devices

As mentioned not all available devices are supported. Here is a list of currently supported devices. Unsupported devices can be added but require at least one of the following:

  1. Some other library that already integrated the device which shows it’s parameters. I would need the device model ID to make sure which looks something like this brand.type.id, for instance zhimi.airpurifier.mc1.
  2. The user that requests the integration supplies me with the parameters of the device, usually by sniffing network communication of the device. How this is done is described here.
  3. Access to the physical device (users would need to send me a device)

If neither of these can be fulfilled then integration is not possible.

You can request support for a device here on Github. When requesting a device please post the exact name of the device and the device model (for instance roborock.vacuum.a15).


I enjoy creating apps for Homey and try to support them as best as I can. If you enjoy using my apps a donation in return for the time I put into this is much appreciated.



Thanks for the heads up of the new forum - might have missed it if not for your post @Phuturist!

Concerning Roborock S50 (version 2)

I have an issue where homey looses contact to the vacuum. Each time you’ve published an update, the vacuum has started to report status changes etc again for a few days, then it suddenly stops and I cannot neither retrieve status changes nor control it. I will from now on try to restart homey / xiaomi mi home app to see if it solves the problem or not.

Is this an issue others are familiar with?

Well, there is an issiue with the miio library that causes time outs when sending commands. This might be related. When you think it has lost connection, have you tried sending the same command like 8 - 10 times in a row to see if one of them eventually gets through.

The issue is registered here: https://github.com/jghaanstra/com.xiaomi-miio/issues/27

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Since I’m in love with my Yeelights I bought an Homey to connect them.
Unfortunately the Ceiling light is not working properly. It’s missing some fine tuning.
When I try to set Night mode in a flow the lowest setting is way higher then the lowest setting in the Yeelight app. For example in the Yeelight app the light can be set like real moonlight, bright enough not to bounce your head on a door and dark enough to fall asleep easily.
My light is the Yeelight LED Ceiling Light, modell number YLXD01YL.
I would be grateful if you could help me/us with this issue.

Hello Geurti, I have looked at the code but did not find anything that could cause this. I did not write the code for the night mode myself though. I’ll ask the author of the code if he is able to explain this and will let you know.

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Thanks for awesome work with the app! I have a problem sending the ”go to dock” command from homey to my Roborock.

The roborock either doesn’t react or just stops mid-room without a word. Is this a known problem?

There is an issue with the miio library which causes send commands to time out. See [Bug] Sometimes commands to miio device time out and need to be repeated · Issue #27 · jghaanstra/com.xiaomi-miio · GitHub.

The vacuum cleaner not returning to the dock when requested but stopping instead is not a know problem. Which version of the vacuum cleaner are you using?

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S50 (the white roborock)

I can get the ”on” command to work even if I have to send it more then once. But dock just won’t work.

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To avoid disappointment when buying a desk light, in the App description is written that the Eyecare Lamp 2 is supported, but untested. I own one and it is not supported by the App.

Thanx, I need to update that. It’s related to a bug in the miio library which has been reported here: Philips Eyecare 2: this.setModes is not a function · Issue #145 · aholstenson/miio · GitHub

Hopefully that bug will get squashed!

Before ordering a non supported light, could someone please tell me which Yeelight Ceiling light is supported. There seem to be a lot of different versions.


They are all suported. Yeelights have an open API, I have written support for this myself and dont depend on a 3rd library like miio.

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Thanks for the conformation Jelger!


Can someone tell me wich version(s) of the xiaomi gateways are supported, and what I can do with it using this app? There are 3 versions of it currently…

Probably all gateways are supported but only the led ring. From the app description:

  • Xiaomi Gateway Light - alarm not supported yet and subdevices are supported directly with the Xiaomi ZigBee app (tested)

Aaaah now I get it. Its only the light that is working… Thanks!


Nu vraagt de Homey voor het koppelen het ip adres een token en een polling.
Ip adres check
Token die weet ik niet.
Polling die weet ik ook niet.

Wie kan mij helpen? Heb wel wat gelezen over de token. Maar wordt daar niet echt wijzer van. Graag in jip en Janneke taal.

Alvast bedankt

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