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Hi, could you add my app to work with zigbee Xiaomi devices. The main difference from other simular apps
1.zigbee Xiaomi devices connect with Homey through Mi Getaway without using Mi cloud
2.thete are no limits on the amount of connected zigbee devices because you can have several Mi Getaways and distribute all of zigbee devices among them. When you connect more than 20 devices directly to Homey - some problems might occur and delays
3.all the scenarios are processed particularly in Homey without using of Xiaomi servers
4. When connecting Xiaomi, there is no need to delete them from Mihome app as well as there are no contradictions between existing scenarios either



Hi @Maxmudjon! This is the community forum, if you want to have your app added to the app store, head over to this page which explains how to submit an app to the store.

hi, I tried several times to add applications to the store but they rejected

That’s too bad :frowning: But the community cannot help you with this, publishing apps to the app store can only be done by Athom.

Perhaps I didn’t understand correctly and you didn’t post to add an app to the app store, but just wanted other users to know about its existence. In that case, thanks for your hard work!

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Dear RobertKlep, I think Maxmudjon considers the reason for the refusal to be unfair. And he wants advice to solve this problem. Administrators refused to publish due to duplication with a previously published application. The application is very similar at first glance, but this is not so. They are really different if you look carefully. They have various other architectural logic, etc. The application is very good and useful. It supports a lot of equipment and is updated all the time. I would not like Maxmudjon to stop supporting this application.


I don’t specifically know the reason why it was rejected, but perhaps the developers of the other Xiaomi apps (@TedTolboom and @Phuturist) can help to convince Athom to publish the app?

@robertklep @Maxmudjon I have absolutely no power over Athom on this topic to convince them to approve this app.

What is the reason mentioned by Athom to reject this app? The reason mentioned in above screenshot is not clear (to me).

@Maxmudjon I am the author of the other Mi Home app for WiFi devices. I looked at your app on Github and the app is indeed very similar to mine for support of the WiFi devices. Differences I see are:

  • I have implemented support for Yeelights through their open API instead of the miio protocol
  • I have added support the ZhiMi and Dmaker fan to the miio library
  • I have added support for the Philips Candle Light 2 to the miio library
  • I have added zone cleaning and goto coordinates functionality for the Mi Robot Vacuum to the miio library
  • I have made several changes in the miio libary related to the network connection between miio devices and Homey
  • You have implemented the subdevices of the Xiaomi gateway, this is something I never did as these where supported directly through the ZigBee app. Still I have had some requests for this from people who did not want to move their devices from the gateway to Homey but would still like to control them from Homey so this is indeed a big plus.

But still I can understand that Athom does not want to allow an app in the appstore that is so very similar. Solution would be to merge our apps and get the best of both worlds. I actually have been thinking about spliting the Xiaomi Mi Home app and make a separate app for the Yeelights. I’d be more than happy to hand over ownership of the Mi Home app and the miio devices or the whole app if spliting is not an option as well. You would have to continu to develop and support my app as it currently has around 2250 users but you could add your code for the gateway subdevices. How does that sound, is this something we could work out together with Athom?


@Phuturist @Maxmudjon

A fusion of the two apps would be great! I’ve been using Mi Homey for a while now. 70% of my devices in Homey come from “Mi Momey”. The app is very stable and I am very satisfied.

I can not understand Athom’s decision from the users’ point of view. For the Xiaomi SmartHome system there is no app for child-devices. The Zigbee network of Xiaomi is much more stable than the Homey network. So please please merge Mi Homey and Mi Home!


I still have not moved most of my zigbee devices from the xiaomi hub. And now I see this… It was a good decision! Hope you can merge both! Or the other shows up in the store… I don’t want to use alternative ways to install apps… But if I have to…

Thanks for the detailed answer. I completely agree with your analysis. I apologize, maybe I didn’t put it correctly in the last letter. I wrote about the ability to work through the mi hub, because this feature is important to me. Your application development ideas are constructive. I hope for the development of the project.

Glad you reached a solid conclusion here but I do find Athoms stance odd, especially since there is precident for this kind of set up with two apps for IKEA Tradfri (thankfully!)

In this app, the water sensors are supported as well!
Can I install it using the CLI method?

Yes water leakage sensor supported (To work with sensors, you need a Xiaomi gateway). You can install through CLI

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Perfect, app works like a charm!
Would it be possible for you to add the Aqara camera’s as well?
The only thing I would like to have is the “armed” / “unarmed” variable.
The camera can be configured to start recording when movement is detected and the status is “armed”.
Would be perfect to be able to change the status to “armed” in Homey…

What gateway is recomended?

Can’t understand how to add Gateway for light’s control.
I have Gateway DGNWG02LM / lumi.gateway.v3
In app’s settings i added gateway. In devs i added Gateway radio and security. I added zigbee subdevices.
But i can’t add Gateway - alway “No new devices have been found”.
What am i doing wrong?

Xioami, Mi, Mijia (model code DGNWG02LM)

it may be due to what may be different from your gateway which is specified in the plugin.

I have one gateway DGNWG02LM. Could you explain please what may be different?