Mi Home gateway app

Searched if I could find an answer. It is like this. I use quite a few switches and sensors from Xiaomi. They can all connect well to Homey, but when more than 15 devices are logged in, things often go wrong. Then some do and sometimes don’t. To relieve the system I bought a Xiaomi gateway (European model). That works fine and I can set routines via the Mi Home app. Unfortunately, these are not linked to Homey. Now I saw on the site that there is an app that links the Xiaomi gateway to Homey (https://homey.app/nl-be/app/com.xiaomi-miio/Xiaomi-Mi-Home/). So fine, you only need the IP address and a token. This is not a problem for the IP address, only the token does not appear to be traceable to the European model. Can someone help me with that and give guidelines on how to find it out. Or the app can be adjusted so that you can log in with your account on the Mi Home (just like with the Tuya app or the Ikea app). Thanks for the help

An alternative way of connecting the hub, is using IP + MAC address. I have managed to do it that way too (unfortunately in next stage - adding actual devices - does not work for me).

Just buy xiaomi zigbee plugs or other zigbee switches directly on 220v. They will work as routers for homey. Homey is capable to accept 9 routers I think with each around 15 sensors. Sensors or switches on batteries do not have the router capacity. Check it on http://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee For me this did the trick, I have around 60 xiaomi sensors and switches running

IP and Mac is not an option, says mac and pw and iP plus token. Pw not working and token not found, really sucks. Looks like a lot has changed