Can't add Zigbee (Xiaomi) devices anymore


I’ve been using Xiaomi devices for a couple of months now without problems. I paired some buttons, window sensor, several temperature sensors all without problems ans still working without issues.

Recently I bought a few new sensors (button, cube, window sensor) but I can’t pair not one of them. Sometimes only the instruction to push the reset button appears, most of the time the 'adding device" page is showed but after a while ‘no zigbee decive found’ error.

Homey en Xiaomi Mi Zigbee ap are up to date en tried paired at several distances from Homey.

Does someone have a sollution?

What did you try yourself to get it working again?? restart homey ? or a ptp? does it work again after that?

Sorry, forgot to mention. Yes, I restarted Homey (more than once). And PTP’ed more than a minute (also several times)

I’ve got the problems about 2 weeks, so also before the last Homey update. I have many apps running (26) but that was also the case when it was working. I removed soms barely used apps and disabled another but also no difference.

Between working en now I installed the Xiaomi Mi Home app for a robot vacuum and Luxaflex PowerView app.

During pairing I also tried keeping the device awake while pressing the reset/include button every few seconds.

I read somewhere, that a ptp should take a bit longer then 1 min, so try to do for example 10-15 min

how many devies (Zigbee) have you been using, and how many are Router devices??

I excluded 3 Philips Hue Dimmer Switches, PTP 1 minute and then I included one Xiaomi button. Then a PTP of 25 minutes. Try to include a Xiaomi Cube but got aan ‘something went wrong’ error. Just PTP’ed 1 hour but including not working

11 EndDevices and 1 router (lightbulb).Do I need more router devices?

To create a good mesh its better to have some more powerd devices yes.

Including has nothing to do with the mesh, you need to add them very close to homey and i guess you do that right?

I added another light als router. In the past I included from several meters away but when I failed I tried at less that a feet.

I think for now is the best you can do is to create a github isseu.

or someone else must have a sullotion for you.

20 devices for each router I guess is max

I’m away from home for a few days. Than I test again and start a github topic. I did already with the Xiaomo app but no response.

Now i’ve got 2 routers + Homey for 10 EndDevices. That shouldn’t be a isue then I presume.

depends on where you place the routers, but alsdo depends on your house. the more routers the better.

Personaly i would place at least one router in every room

Thanks! For stability I’ll reposition the routers!

I am facing the same issues. Adding Zigbee devices is a pain since I got over 30 devices. Those 30 devices include 4 Plugwise routers. In developer settings I see a mesh buildup. So Homey is not fully occupied. Adding devices works best when I am in my shed (1 plugwise router) with very poor wifi signal.
My wifi uses channel 1 and 6 so I am not interfering zigbee channel 11.

Same here. I guess we have to wait for the Zigbee rewrite that will follow after v2.0 release…meaning it will take a while. Or did you find a way around this issue @MartinNL or @herrie?

I have added 3 IKEA tradfri plugs and I am all bacon and eggs again

I have the problem that some sensors that i did add before i did have some routers are not working after some time.
I remove them and add them again but they never make a connection with a router and only work very close to the homey.
If i remove them i they are gone from the developer page.
If i add them again they come back with the same number on the developer list.
So the info of the sensor is still stored somewhere in homey or else thay show have gotten the a new number from the list and not the old one.
Is there a way to remove this info completely from homey so if i add them again they get a new number.
Or at least that is my thoughts about it.

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And @herrie 1) are you using the tradfri hub/gateway, + app or do you directly connect the devices to Homey?

And 2) do the zigbee devices create a mesh network, or do they all link directly to Homey?

I am not using the tradfri hub. I am not using the tradfri app either. generic ZigBee device will suffice.
They create a mesh. I have a mesh of 7 routers. (4x plugwise, 3x tradfri)

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I guess that’s the problem here; my Zigbee network does not create a mesh as you can see on the picture below:

I thought that the devices using the Tradfri hub -also making use of the Zigbee protocol- would still take part in the same network…but seems I guessed wrong. However I do like the grouping of lights in the app; i.e. one ceiling light contains 4 GU10 spots. I can simply address a group using the gateway app. In that way I have 16 Tradfri spots/bulbs -that are routers- connected to the hub instead of directly to Homey.

@herrie, I am thinking of buying 3 Osram Smart+ plugs to see if they can improve the Zigbee network. Or do you think I’d better ditch the Tradri hub and see what happens if I connect all the Tradfri routers to Homey instead?