Today Zigbee don't work, at all!?

Normally my Zigbee works a bit crappy, some days it works, other not. Especially my Xiaomi switches works bad.

But today they don’t work at all, and even my Xiaomi sensors teases me.

To make things worse, I just tried to pair 5 new Hue GU10 spots, plus a Hue Ambience - and none of it works. Even though I have reset them all with a Hue dimmer.

Anyone that can help, pointing me in a direction? Yesterday I had no problems adding Hue spots…

Did you read : Make the most of your zigbee network

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I did one minute ago. Thanks. Do they suggest that I remove all my zigbee devices and pair them again in proper order? If so, I am into a big problem as I have 21 sensors spread out, several of them too far away from my Homey to be able to pair them again… :frowning:

Pairing can be done using eg. a powerbank connected to your Homey. This way you don’t have to move your sensors to Homey.

And do not just remove all your Zigbee sensors just yet. Check your WiFi first. Is there a new WiFi network nearby, or had your WiFi switched channels, that can now overlap with your Zigbee network? Also try a pull the plug from Homey and restarts of the apps which use Zigbee.


Thanks all!

I have changed my Hue Bridge to run on channel 25. My routers is Google Wifi, and there is no way to change the channels.

I can see in Homey Developer that, even as I have several devices that is routers, only one is amongst the 20 first. And this device is the only one that meshes with my batteri driven devices.

So I will have to remove all Zigbee battery units, and add them again in proper order (using tlangelaars tip with the powerbank).

Good luck. Do note that you need at least 2 ampère USB power supply.

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Wondering if the try was successful?

I experience the Hue ZigBee devices (GU10 ambiance spots) are very, very bad reachable while in the same room a tint GU10 RGB spot is extremely quick and pretty reliable.
I know for tint it uses Zigbee 3.0 but not sure whether the Hue GU10 spots do as well?!