Since 2.0 no Zigbee anymore

Hi, since 2.0 i dont have any Zigbee device working anymore.
Xiaomi devices doesn’t work anymore, and i also cannot add my TKB plugs anymore.
It is since the 2.0 update and pairing won’t be seeing by homey. After that there have been 2 or 3 updates but still nothing. At tools and then Zigbee, i only see homey there. Also hue, which i have added straight to the homey instead of hue bridge doesnt work anymore.

Anyone an idea?

TKB isn’t zigbee though, but z-wave.
I would recommend you to read this post:
Reset your device before adding it to Homey

and if that doesn’t work, contact Athom Support

Ah right… TKB is z-wave. But still…nothing :frowning:

But how can i reset a doorsensor from xiaomi and a tkb plug?

I’ve got also a remotec button device, also z-wave and thats working fine.
I have reset my homey back to default after upgrade to 2.0 due to all the issues i had.

I did something really weird thing: i looked it up on the internet and guess what? I found out how… lol… but never thought about that i have to reset the device before readding it… so thnx!