[APP][Pro] Xiaomi Mi Home App for WiFi devices

The code until release 3.0.5 (current release is 3.0.8) is publically available on Github in the repo you link to. That should be enough for anyone with enough time and incentive to do the upgrade.

In my book, not being interested anymore is not the same thing as looking for a solution that benefits the users of the app. But you could see it differently ofcourse.

OK, understood. Anyhow, it was never my intention to offend of course.

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Could this be a migration project for you, @Arie_J_Godschalk? Since you already have quite some experience in upgrading apps to SDK3, I hope it would’t be too much effort. A lot of users of this app would be very thankfull!
I’d be happy to support you once more. And be happy to test as well and help you out wherever I can…

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Even I know Arie is doing great job on SDK3 migrations, I’m not sure this is kind “cup of tea” / type of app he would be keen to migrate (not seeing device app in his portfolio), but let’s see…however we would need not just migration but also someone maintaining it, which I know @Phuturist is very much capable of, just I’m not sure if that would mean that functionality of both apps would be again merged ? I’m currently using Xiaomi Mi Home and 2nd Mi Homey… also 2nd question is whether you still have any way to contact @Maxmudjon , because with new app id(s), that would be a pain.

Asking theoretically only because even I’m happy to donate, not really 399Eur unfortunately - yet combination of both (merging app / maintaining both app + having ability to transfer it to yourself for maintenance and development) would be visible motivation for others to consider donation as well - then we can start eventually bounty thread to see real interest.

That’s a chicken and egg dilemma. But trust me, if I really see some effort into getting a bounty even close to me getting my hands on a Homey Pro 2023 I’ll do anything within my skills to keep developing and maintaining the app again. I’d have to see what the best approach would be concering the two apps but I’m sure I could work that out with the user base.

But I must admit, I have no faith at all in raising money even close to buying a Homey Pro 2023. I have been developing apps for Homey for years now (from day 1, that’s why I have an old Homey now) and 99% of the users only come here if something doesnt work for them. I only received a handful of donations form the apps I developed (which have now been mostly handed over to other developers). So I actually dont see this happening, but as said, surprise me and I will do everything within my skills … :wink:

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I d offer €25, but… Only if I know it ll get the update (doesn’t have to be ready) as soon as they ship the homey 2023s. If it’s not clear, I ll just have to migrate them directly to homey 2023 and I won’t be migrating all my devices back and forth.

Should we start something similar, or would the Homey Pro 2023 with it’s satellites make the Mi Home App redundant?

I’d be happy to contribute to such a fund raise, @Jan_Peeters! :slight_smile:

When you’re speaking of satellites; you are referring to using an “old” Homey Pro for this purpose? By using @Arie_J_Godschalk’s Homesh controller and satellite apps? Somewhere in the future on older Homey Pro’s SDK2 might be deprecated too, so that would mean updating the white ball would come to an end, if you want to keep using Mi Home…
(Not sure if you can install devices with it’s apps on a Homesh Satellite and use them as regular devices on the Homesh Controller)

Using a Homey Bridge as satellite would mean you still have to install the Mi Homey app on Homey Pro 2023, which would still require an SDK3 update.
The Mi Home app isn’t suitable for Homey Bridge unfortunately, so you can’t use a Bridge as a separate Homey environment.

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I myself, am specifically interested in the Mi Home app because of the possibility to integrate Aqara gateways with their own child devices. The gateways are connected to the internet.
Thus alowing for a greater distance, avoiding the limitations of Zigbee/Zwave/others.

To my understanding, the Home Pro2023 can make use of the Homey Bridge and use them as bridge or repeater. Thus much in the same manner as my current use of the Aqara gateway.

What is your specific application of the Mi Homey app?

:moneybag: Bounty thread for updating Xiaomi Mi Home to SDK3 :moneybag:

I will post update as per info in this thread
(intentionally as new message to keep raising attention)

Please don’t commit your donation if you will not keep up on your donation.

@Sharkys - €15 - any working update (commitment by this message)
@Glenn_Dijkstra - €25 (in case of update of the original app) - commitment
@Henk_Renting - €25 - commitment

Sum : €65

@Phuturist :pray: FYI (@Maxmudjon :vulcan_salute: just to be fair…)

Conditions to be fulfilled : Xiaomi Mi Home SDK3 published
ETA : don’t ask for ETA, trust to the community and developers

In case of any disagreements, let me know by PM or by reply to this message.

I pledge €25 as well for including my Xiaomi gateway. :+1:t2::smiley:

The new Homey Pro 2023 can indeed act as a repeater for Zigbee. But in this case it acts like any other 230V powered Zigbee device like a wallplug or lightbulb and integrates in the Zigbee network of Homey Pro 2023.

The way you use your Aqara gateway (same as I do with my Xiaomi gateway), the gateway connects to your current Homey by local (TCP/IP) network instead.

As far as I know that is not supported by the new satellite mode of Homey Pro 2023.

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screenshot removed
Maxmudjon reacted and informed that his Homey is dead and therefor the app cannot be maintained / transferred.

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Do you mean this is a message by @Maxmudjon?
Athom has contacted him too. If he is willing to transfer the app to another developer, aren’t there other ways to do this when his Homey is broken?

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Satellite Mode

Extend Homey Pro with Homey Bridge to extends wireless coverage throughout your entire home. Zigbee & Z-Wave extend your mesh network, 433 MHz & Infrared control the nearest devices.

The function is not yet available, so this is guessing,… The Homey Bridge should connect with Homey Pro via local WAN. Anything else seems unlikely .

Can you ask @Maxmudjon to respond to Athom that the app is eligible for transferring to another developer?
They contacted him they told me.

Hopefully there is another way of transferring the app to another developer then.

Unless his mail is also broken :slight_smile: Just kidding, I don’t believe there would be no solution if he was doing great job with his apps

Well, to be honest: i still have support tickets open for my other apps, and many idea’s which will probably never see daylight because time is limited.

So i indeed try to pick apps that are easy for me to maintain, which are mostly non-device apps, or perhaps apps for devices i have.

I don’t have any xiaome devices, so taking this app on, would cost me more time (and money) then i would like, compared to other apps with which i can help out.

So, no, i prefer not to take on this app for migration or support, sorry :wink:


@Arie_J_Godschalk , I kind of knew it but fully understand that. Till you are here :wink: , can you share with us what is required for the app to be transferred, eg. is there some other way when your Homey would be broken, eg. just by responding to Athom with GitHUB ID and UserID of new developer ?

Or if anyone else would know, just don’t want to loose momentum that @Jan_Peeters got…

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Well, too transfer an app, all one has to do is goto the developer app page and click on trasfer, enter the user-id of the recieving app-developer, and press send.

After that, i guess you could ask Athom for the actual source code, right?

I don’t really understand why you would need an Homey at all to transfer the App or sourcecode, since neither is on the Homey.

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I pledge € 15,-

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