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Does anyone else have problems with home/away after last update?

I get set to away and then right back to home very often. Same thing happens to my wife.

After last update of what exactly, Homey or app ?

Just to be sure, check yours device settings but works fine here.

Homey Pro, Smart Presence v 0.8.9

I have started to notice that the “Person arrived” WHEN-card, see screenshot below, is not always triggered as before.

Every time someone arrives, I log it to the timeline. Quite often I can see that the person’s device icon is enabled, e.g. they are home and they have been identified by Smart Presence, but the “Person arrived” card has NOT triggered. This happens on a daily basis. This is a verified bug.


You can check it also in the device timeline, there is no need to log anything.

As before, like when exactly, can you specify it more accurately ?

Unfortunately I don’t recall seeing any debug log from you. Can you restart Smartpresence app, disconnect device from wifi, let it update the state, connect back, let it update the state and send diag ?


I don’t know how to explain it better - all I know is that the card I mention is not always triggered.

Look at the screenshot below, the two top rows.

The “Person left” WHEN-card did trigger today at 20:51:45.

The “Person arrived” WHEN-card was NOT triggered today at 21:03:57.


Ps. Homey and router are rebooted on a weekly basis, so I can guarantee you that this is a (“rather new”) bug.

Again I don’t see any log from you so hard to say.

Sorry @Sharkys, missed that. Here you go:


Pls note that the problem is not consistent - “usually” the card is triggered, but not always.

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How many times, eg. 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 5 ? Just me trying to replicate it eventually…

I see you did not setup stress period and in combination with rather short timeout period, only 2sec, that could produce unstable experience but you are saying it’s starts misbehaving just recently - considering me not really modifying triggers for last 2 months, I would say it might be related to your router/AP settings.

Can you experience a little bit with the settings ? From your current settings :

  'Away Delay': '900 seconds',
  'Normal Mode Check Interval': '5000 ms',
  'Normal Mode Timeout': '2 seconds',
  'Stress Period': '0 seconds',
  'Stress Mode Check Interval': '2500 ms',
  'Stress Host Timeout': '2 seconds'

Eg. change it to (what I use) :

>>>  'Away Delay': '90 seconds', <<<
>>>  'Normal Mode Check Interval': '15000 ms', <<<
  'Normal Mode Timeout': '2 seconds',
>>>  'Stress Period': '60 seconds', <<<
  'Stress Mode Check Interval': '2500 ms',
  'Stress Host Timeout': '2 seconds'

@Sharkys Hi I have used Smart Presence for some time now (close to a year) and I have started to see similar problems as @Nico_Jansen.
The last couple of days my Flows that should activate when “The last person left” doesn’t run. I can see on the icons for Smart Presence that we are registered as “Away”, but my cameras does not change mode. I have also gotten notifications that someone got home and that Smart Presence changed to “Home/Presence”, when both me and my wife are away. At first I thought that some of our parents was visiting (their phones are also put into Smart Presence), but when I look in the cameras there’s no one there. I then thought that my mom walked by our house the she was walking the dogs or something, but now I think that it’s Smart Presence that’s acting up strange.

It did change to “Home/Presence” when we got home today, so the biggest issue are the “Away” status.

I did change from these settings, to the settings you use. I haven’t had the time to see if it makes any difference.

‘Away Delay’: ‘180 seconds’,
‘Normal Mode Check Interval’: ‘3600 ms’,
‘Normal Mode Timeout’: ‘2 seconds’,
‘Stress Period’: ‘0 seconds’,
‘Stress Mode Check Interval’: ‘2500 ms’,
‘Stress Host Timeout’: ‘2 seconds’

FYI all people in my household are showing as away (when they are all logged in). All last seen 2 days ago. Was running fine until then. Based on previous comments, I have a feeling something is not right and impacting everyone? Is functionality all local or is something required offsite?

It depends, I see your comments but no logs except of Nico and there was no obvious problem visible, except of some potential improvement of the setting. The app has been updated last time 14. 5. 2024 so if you have recent issues, it’s not because of SmartPresence. But if any patterns, I can only check from logs.

@Sharkys today it didn’t change when we left, when we got home it changed to Away…
We use TP-Link Deco and Android phones (Samsung and Pixel).


And weirdly the problem went away sometime after my post 6hrs ago

There were Homey outages recently + scheduled maintenance, could be related…
Jul 10, 14:11 CEST - Jul 10, 14:51 CEST
Jul 11, 09:00 CEST - Jul 11, 09:47 CEST

Seems to be alright

Tested multiple times on my side right now, used both triggers Specific user-Someone left / Arrived, always got the trigger - no issues :man_shrugging:.

Can you for troubleshooting purposes create primitive flow like :

And when you notice that flow hasn’t been triggered to send me diag + name of device/state, which hasn’t been identified ?

@Sharkys I will try your flow.
Here something that I noticed today, this is my time line (I have cut out things that have nothing to do with presence. Read from the bottom and up.
I also have flows that should write on the time line when Smart Presence change the mode to away on my Eufy cameras, as you can see only one of them are on the time line and that’s the one that’s 2 hours late.

I would say that there’s a issue with the “away” function in the app.

This is the flow that controls my cameras.

“Den sista personen i hushållet lämnade” = The last person in the household left.
“Ingen i hushållet är närvarande” = No one in the household are present.

This is the flow for the air purifier that did start when we left. I just noticed that I use another start card for this, “Den sista personen lämnade” = The last person left, instead of “Sista personen i hushållet lämnade” = The last person in the household left.

This might help you troubleshooting the issue.

EDIT: Now when I changed to “the last person” it works just fine. So it has to do with “Someone in the household”, don’t know why since I have put all of my phones as members of the household and it have worked before for several months and I have not changed the flows until now.

Not really. As I mentioned, I tested the functionality several times and can’t replicate your issue. Also as I said before, if the app hasn’t been updated recently, whatever issue you have, can’t be now caused by non-existing update of the app itself. I hope it makes sense. Naturally there might be other factors, like Homey updates.

Anyway, also as I said before, try to setup primitive flows like I mentioned and when you see that the flow hasn’t been triggered, send me the log from the app.

Eg. this is my test setup - every-time time, tested with 3 different devices and all state changes were captured correctly.


“Den sista personen i hushållet lämnade” = The last person in the household left. - once it’s triggered, it’s triggered and get not cancelled. Which means, if Last person left but you start delay of 90 min and eg. in the meantime someone came back, the previous “wait” of 90min is still running and will get executed.
One of the “dirty” way is to check again after 90min if still nobody is at home but in general, such long delays are really not recommended.