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I have got the Homey Pro early 2023 for a year now.
I don’t succeed to let the presence/away function well:
My iPhone is recognized and states away or home but the Phone of my wife not.
Therefor I can’t usemany flows….
I read the Forum for hours and hours but can’t find a solution.
Would you be able to help me? Here are my specs:

Homey Pro van Rob

  • Homey v10.3.3
  • MacBook Pro macOS Sonoma 14.4.1

Rob Groot, eigenaar

  • iPhone 14 Pro iOS 17.4.1
  • Energie max
  • Locaties altijd aan
  • Homey locaties altijd aan
  • Locatie in Homey correct
  • SmartPresence (v0.8.8) ip adres ingevoerd

Beatrice Albrecht, bewoner

  • iPhone 7: iOS 15.8.2
  • Energie max
  • Energie max
  • Locaties altijd aan
  • Homey locaties altijd aan
  • Locatie in Homey correct
  • SmartPresence (v0.8.8) ip adres ingevoerd

Kind regards.

Rob Groot

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Do you use the build-in home/away detection, or the SmartPresence App for this?
And which Homey App version are you using?

Hi Dirk,

I use Homey v10.3.3 and tried built-in and SmartPresence button neither cases the iPhone 7 is changed in home or away…

I meant the Homey Smartphone App version, e.g. v8.0.2.

Sometimes there are reports that the build-in Home/Away function doesn’t work reliably on both iOS and Android smartphones, but I had never problems with different iPhones. With one exception as Apple released a new iOS version, but I can’t remember which version it was.

But I wonder why the SmartPresence App doesn’t work either. The SmartPresence App doesn’t have anything to do with Homeys build-in Home/Away function and nothing with the Homey Smartphone app.
It works via the WLAN connection with the iPhone. If the iPhone connects to your home WLAN, a flow is executed to set Beatrice “Home”. If the iPhone is disconnected from the home WLAN, another flow is executed to set Beatrice “Away”.
Are you sure that the SmartPresence App is correctly configured and you build the flows for Home/Away detection?

As a newbie I don’t know how the settings of SmartPresence have to be…
I want to make a flow that sets some lights on when both of us are away.
I send you 3 screenshots

Kind regards,


Don’t use SmartPresence myself so I can’t say anything about the settings.
But as I mentioned already, you have to create flows to get it work.

Something like that:

– Beatrice arrived (which means, iPhone connected to WLAN)

– Mark Beatrice as at home

And the other way around if she leaves.

For more and detailed information, please visit the Smart Presence topic:

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Is the Homey app installed on both phones, neither phone or only on the phone from Rob?

If only on ‘Rob’ then the presence is working because of the app.

Thank you for yourv reply but: I wqs at home and Beatrice was away with iPhone.

Homey did not mark her as away….


As far as I know there is a setting on an iPhone which hides the ip-address, that’s probably the reason why SmartPresence is not seeing your wines iPhone.
So compare the netwerk settings on both iPhones.

What info is given in this screen for the phone of Beatrice? Also in the screen when you choose the other option?

You should try use your iPhones own geolocation, and make a shortcut automation when you leave/arrive, and make it start a Homey flow, whitch then again sets your presence status. Not need for any smart presence app, just use the normal presence. Should work just fine on your own and your wife’s dated phone.

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And, as you can see: we left together but iPhone BIA is not in the presence/away list…

I was also interested in the screens under option 0 ---- only from Beatrice :slight_smile:

And would like to know is the homey app also installed on phone from Beatrice?

Edit: problably app is installed, since I see the invite in your printscreen :slight_smile:

It does not look like you are using smart presence for your own phone.

If you go to the homey app on phone from Beatrice. Select ‘More’ in the bottom, then click in top on user name. It says something like "Use presence detection (Gebruik Thuis/Afwezig Detectie). Is this selected??

And fount the next remark in an old post:

Check that you don’t have “Private Wi-Fi address” enabled on the device under wifi. Settings > Wi-Fi > tap the (i) for your Wi-Fi network. Ensure that "Private Wi-Fi address is disabled there.

This feature anonymizes the device MAC address, resulting in the device getting random IP’s from the router.

Every time I want to select it, it says; “Homey needs your location”…
I check the location and it looks ok. I confirm it to be sure but still I can’t switch detection on…

You have to assign the necessary rights to the application within the IPhone

(Instellingen voor locatievoorzieningen beheren - Apple Support (NL))

Solved this in "Instelingen BUT did this before.
I am going to test it now.
I will give you a follow-up.
Thanks so far!

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Easy test is turn of Wifi on phone :slight_smile: