Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Built in home/away detection

Hi guys!

This weekend my new Honey Pro 2023 was delivered. Today I took the time to replace the 2018 pro and ‘fix’ all the zigbee devices. So far so good, great work on the migration for making it almost unattended.

I’ve got some flows that trigger on me being away from home or the other way around. These do not seem to work. I use the built in system (so no third party app).
I already disabled the location service in iOS and switched off/on the setting in the homey app (settings > account > use home/away detection) to see if it would notice the iOS setting. It did so I re-enabled the iOS setting again (to always allow).

Is this a known bug in the last firmware, or should I report it to the support team?

Same thing happening here! Did you solve it already or shall we report a bug?

For me it works perfect (with ios), did you check if homey is in the correct location? Under settings —> location, and did you check if under account the home/away slider is enabled?

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After the app update last Tuesday the problem seems to be fixed. I’m on version now.

Solved it somehow: either by resetting my old homey pro to factory settings or by upgrading to 10.0.0rc98.

Must have been the update then, my old homey pro is still standing here untouched. I just unplugged it when the 2023 arrived, nothing more.

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My problem is that it works for me but not my wife (her own account everything is set correctly)

So my flows act like she’s always home. What can be the problem?