Home/away button keeps shutting off

The home/away detection feature is working perfectly on my iPhone as the owner but my wife’s iPhone (set as a manager) keeps shutting off the home/away detection button. I have to turn it back on everyday. The presence sensing works fine when it’s on but it turns it’s self off overnight. The Homey app is set to always in location settings. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? I’ve added the Life360 app and built duplicate flows as a back up which is working but would really like the figure out what’s shutting off the home/away button.

Hi Brian and welcome to the community!

Which Homey smartphone app version and which Apple iOS version are installed?
I have already read about some problems related to the Apple iOS 17 PB.

Homey app version
IOS version 16.6.
Seems to be working better as of late. I haven’t made any changes other than checking the location settings and making sure always on is selected and checking to make sure the Home/away detection is still on.

Do you use a Homey Pro (2019 or earlier), or a Homey Pro (early 2023)?

Homey Pro(early 2023). I just switched from SmartThings about a month ago.

Ok, I asked because with HP19 it was possible to locate the home position automatically. And if you didn’t disable this option after the position was found once, then some users had problems with geofencing.

But that is not the real problem. It’s the first time I’ve read about the Home/Away feature turning itself off.
My suggestion are:
— delete the account from your wife and invite her again
— contact Athom’s support

Ok. Thank you for your time.