[APP][PRO] Smart Presence

So, interestingly, no timeouts to my phone, but when I ping Homey from my phone I have received timeouts…!
That’s somewhat concerning, but I’ve not noticed anything which would lead me to suggest Homey is going offline… but could that be responsible for this issue? Is it possible to make Homey confirm it’s connection before trying to ping the phone?

With the NetScan app you can check any IP or IP+Port from Homey.
So you could check your router’s IP for instance. This way you know for sure if Homey’s connection has issues or not.

So, this may be a silly question but how would I know… I’ve just installed the app and put in my router ip as a new device, but surely if Homey can’t reach it then it won’t be able to log a notification?

If Homey has no wifi connection, it indeed can’t send notifications.
But it can log the connection events for troubleshooting purposes later on…

And you could choose to restart Homey automagically at offline events, most of the time it gets back online after a restart
(this assumes Homey’s WiFi radio is the culprit).

I’ve an example set of flows, with a delayed action, to prevent restarting right after short WiFi disconnections.
It also logs the disconnect and connect events.


If i get it right, smart presence determines if someone is home dependant on the iphone connected to the wifi, and if the person/phone logs out from wifi then the homey says that the person is away?

Is there some way to trigger a flow that cooperates with the in-built presence detection? So the person is set to away ONLY if BOTH conditions is met?

Of course, but you have to decide if their will be handled equally or of one of them is master.
In first case you put in a test in AND if the other presence-funtionality also is indicating away.

Actually, remember this functionality for some devices. But this was quite device(controller)-specific, and because of that out from my interest.
But first thing, i recommend (if already not done) - check Your home WiFi controller’s brand name from apps list.
The idea, i was talking - the WiFi controller does accounting and reports the log-in/outs into/from network. Available on “little bit higher end controllers”.

About another simple idea - just to ping fixed DHCP IP. Solution working everywhere, but requiring, that the WiFi clients are not insulated/separated (the exact phrase depends on AP vendors). Means, that the WiFi clients (even in same network) do not “see” each other.

Will this ever be availible for Homey Bridge?

Homey Bridge does not support apps that access the local network, e.g. Wi-Fi devices. So no.

Thank you for your reply.
Any ideas to make presence better with Bridge? Homeys own presence is very flimsy and not precise.

Is there a possibility to know WHO left/arrived? I want to send a push just to the last person that left the house

It is. With a bit of preparation…
You could do something like this:

Create a Bool (Y/N) variable [Name@Home] for every user

Flow to set var Peter@Home to YES

Flow to set var Peter@Home to NO

Peter left last - detection flow

Peter @home 1st

That’s the whole idea right? Or what do you mean? Last person left and person is exactly… or is that thinking too simple?

Somehow there’s no logics Presence tags available at the “AND” section.
So my thought was to create and control presence variables via flows, while you can use those at the “AND” section logics cards.

Yes this is the only way I found so fare, but had hoped that there was a way without creating so many flows for something that simple.

But it seems like I need to go this route then

@Martijn_Hoogenbosch @Peter_Kawa

I was a bit surprised too.
@ Homey Pro the presence tags are available at the “AND” part.

Thanks @balmli for a great app!

Suggestion - would it be possible to implement some new AND cards?

Now, we only have “is present” cards in the AND section, I would like the same amount of cards with the “is not present” statement as well.

That would be AWESOME!

Have you tried the Invert setting.

No, I have not. And that was exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch @Morgan

@balmli FYI, I just submitted error log / issue on GitHub - Not working on Homey FW v7.4.0-rc.22 · Issue #27 · balmli/homey-smartpresence · GitHub