[APP][PRO] Smart Presence

Looks good

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The last change seems to solve the problem. Thanks for the quick response.


Agreed, doesn’t crash anymore, thanks!

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I experience a similar issue.
I have my ip reserves on the router and have checked that I always get that ip on my phone, but I’m not registered as away, hence the flows doesn’t run…

It used to work just fine, but a month ago (or something like that), it just stopped working. Back then I was on an iPhone Xr. A week ago I got a Galaxy z fold and it’s not working here either (have ofcourse changed ip on my SP user).
It works fine on my wife’s phone though :slight_smile:

What kind of Router do you have? I have an AVM Fritzbox 6660 from my provider.

Sagemcom FAST3890V3

Crashed again

Check if you have random MAC setting activated for your home WiFi-network on your phone. It should be not be activated.

I had actually. Just changed it to “Phone MAC” and see it that makes a change :slight_smile:

It should. If your phone’s MAC address is recognized by the dhcp reservations table, it assigns the corresponding IP address to your phone.
With a random phone MAC, that IP address never gets assigned to your phone.

That makes sense!
Will keep an eye on it, thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m having an issue with Smart Presence since I separated the bands on my router - I’m pretty certain because Homey is on the 2g band and my phone occasionally connects to the 5g band I’m hitting an issue where Homey is unable to see my phone as it’s essentially on a separate network

Can anyone advise if there is a way to allow my phone to be seen by smart presence across the bands (without combining - i separated due to issues with smart devices). Alternatively, is anyone aware of an alternate method to combine as a backup?


I have 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks and it works fine - but those 2,4 + 5 can’t be separate networks / need to assign same IP etc. So 1st of all ensure they Homey can see both devices on any of the band…

A thought, make sure your phone’s mac address for the ‘new’ wifi connections is set to “Phone MAC” (instead of the default “Random MAC”)

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Yep, also good hint - seems nowadays it’s set by default to random on Android phones at least for sure

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Thanks both. I think I was actually being foolish as I was messing with my static IPs and it takes some time for them to propogate across my mesh routers…
Will keep an eye on it but suspect it may have just been this

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So, wasn’t what I thought about my playing with IP addresses above… You’ll see that it seems to have detected me as not present this morning, then fine, now again not present - I’ve not left the house or the wifi…

Very strange. The IP is correct, i can ping homey, and it would seem that Homey is seeing my device most of the time

Just to rule it out the MAC is set to default

I was experiencing the same with some Honor phones, where the wifi got disconnecting from mobile/client side.
What happens if you ping “Andy” phone from another phone/device on another device connected on Wifi ? Eg. you can continuously check pings via Ping Tools (Android). Don’t you have Client isolation enabled on WiFi maybe?

Ooh, neat app that.

Running a continuous ping now - so far so good. Just for robustness I’ve stuck the one android phone on my 2g band (where Homey sits) and the Andy device on 5g.
So, the band separation isn’t causing an issue, the router is doing its job correctly

Will leave it running for a bit and see what happens