[APP][Pro] Insight Trends [Abandoned]

The developer demanded Athom to remove all his apps.

For the moment everything works fine with this app because I have it installed. If my Homey needs to be installed from backup, I am afraid I will loose the app and its functionality which have became crucial for my flows. This app make so many things easy to solve with less flows.

Correct, a restore action downloads the apps you had installed from the appstore. And if it isn’t there, nothing gets installed.
One option is to look for it on Github. If present (fork it for future use), you can install it via CLI.
Here’s the github link

I’m using this great app to calculate if my solarscreens need to go down and if my EV can charge on solar.

I have one flow that calculates the trend on solarpower every 2 minutes

I put that value in a variable iAudiSolar (which is the average powervalue I want to start charging)
iAudiSolar “trails” Solarpower nicely, so based on iAudiSolar my charging should not be switching on and off for every cloud

Next I have one flow that should decide if I have enough solarpower to charge my car:

I’m expecting that “start laden” only fires when the average has been above 5000w for at least 45 minutes because of the “WHEN avarage > 5000 for 45 min”, but that does not work; as soon as the average reaches 5000 this flow fires the THEN

So it seems that the condition works different from what I expect

Can anybody explain what’s the issue?

I know I’m not using the iAudiSolar variable in the last flow, but my question is just about this condition that does not seem to do what I expect

I’m not really familiar with Insight Trends, but I think that there is no calculation for ‘average>5000 for 15min’. You made a calculation for 45min.
Possible solution is to make this calculation and toggle a variable if it is true or not. You can then use this in your WHEN status.

That might work, but then the condition in my last screenshot doesn’t work as intended I suppose? It seems to ignore the “for the past 45mins” part

(btw I mistyped 15mins in my last comments, I corrected it to 45 mins as in the screenshot)

I have made a trend calculation of 365 days and trying to get the min and max value during that time. The calculation is made but it calculates the trend based on time between 12.5.2021-31.12.2021. Have I understood the trend calculation somehow wrong or is there a bug?

Ah, it could be a bug while it won’t go past 31.december.2021 ?

Can you try
31+27+31+30+12=131 days?(should be 01.januari.2022 - 12.may.2022)

It could or might be related to v7.x firmware though, while there were some changes on how to calculate with local time in app code.

It seems to be a problem when the number days calculated exceeds 186 days. I cannot tell why.

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Good to know, thanx for this info.

Is @MadMonkey still developing this app or someone else? Could this be fixed?

No the app is abandoned atm, so when you know anyone who likes to take over, ánd if Madmonkey wants to transfer it…
Madmonkey broke with Athom, it’s mentioned in post #1


Could @Gruijter be persuaided to continue this app development? :thinking: Small relation with the archive insights app…

Such a pity, mostly when you can still support the Community, eg. by sharing your work in the Community store, yet instead you pulled off both your app and sources on GitHub. While I understand @MadMonkey you may have same disagreement with Athom, I don’t understand why you have punished also us, users :frowning:

Anyway, thank you what you have done, Insight trends was kind of master piece… now I can hope that my Homey will not need to be reinstalled.


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Maybe you are probably right, thank you

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Unfortunately I already have a lot of apps to maintain. So sorry, but no (unless I’m persuaded in a way that I never have to work again and can fully focus on Homey apps :kissing_heart:)