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Honestly I don’t care about the uptime of their servers. This design is utterly stupid. When I’m on my own network, I want a local connection to everything. I don’t buy zone heating for 10 years, maybe it will work for the rest of my life. When Honeywell stops their support, then the “smart” heating is no longer smart. With a local connection, Homey can still control everything, and with a VPN to my home, I still can control it from anywhere from my phone as well.

Check their Facebook page please. And have a look at the intervals of service messages.
I was maybe unlucky but fortunately I was not alone.
‘Alternative facts’ maybe? :grin:

We must be in different bubbles then because I can’t even find the Honeywell Evohome Facebook page…

I receive an email everytime they’re planning or conducting maintenance and there haven’t been a lot of those emails over the years. And certainly not covering a whole heating season.

I don’t want to dismiss your negative experiences, but they’re just not representative of evohome’s product and services.

So to get back on-topic: I love Evohome and I also love the app on Homey.

My God, what a waiste of time.
Ever heard of Google? Is a quite efficient search engine:

I just received my Homey and til this far installation of our smart devices goes pretty well. We have one Evo Home app with two different systems (5 thermostats in our business area with separate screen device and 5 in our home area, also a separate screen device). Both areas are under the same roof/in the same building. Homey can only find the 5 thermostats of our business area (further away from Homey than our home area). Am I overlooking something?


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I can’t find out how I can send a personal message, but I’m of course interested in your solution!

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You can find ralf at the top of this thread

@ralfvd Your app connects the honeywell radiator thermostat to the homey. 2 points:

  1. which type number has the thermostat device, is it possible to connect more different types of evo thermostats? Does it connect without the central evo device? i assume the only device is the HR92RT? maar er is ook de HR92WE
  2. does that evo thermostat has a long range to connect to homey, i had issues with a z-wave spirit that could nog connect because of the distance, after that I tried a zigbee version, but discovered that one is not supported. i do not want to happen something simular with a wrong version of a evo thermostat

My Central Heating boiler needs replacement and I’m planning to buy an EVO-Home with 8x HR92 to optimize the installation.
In this thread I noticed some messages that that worried me and I have some questions (as all the specialist are al here I assume).

EVO Home needs internet to connect to Honeywell servers.

  1. Does it work without the connection?
    If partially, what not?

  2. Any guess how long is the server availability is supported?
    I assume warranty covers only 2 years!

  3. Does the EVO-Home need our home WiFi network to communicate with the HR92?

EVO-Home is introduced about 7 years ago.
4) Is a newer replacement expected soon?

Honeywell alternatives for EVO-Home
5) Does Honeywell has other thermostats that support zone control heating?

It seems that the HR92 is not to be used in bathrooms due to humidity issues.
6) Is this correct?

Regards Peter

Hi, do you know about the issue that the Lyric T6 doesn’t work anymore since last release of the Honeywell app? Just post it here to be sure. I hope this can be fixed.

Indeed. @Honeywell, their track record concerning trouble-free updates is below par. You can expect however for this ‘glitch’ to be corrected soon.

Well, I ment the Honeywell app on Homey, which is made by Athom.
Until this app update everything worked well.

@Victor_Bicknese AFAIK this topic is about the Honeywell Evohome app, created by Ralf

The Athom app is called Honeywell Lyric
Their error should be fixed by the way: v2.3.2.

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O, I’m very sorry. My mistake.

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The EVO home system (thermostat and HR92) will work without internet. Its fully local controlled.

Without internet

  • the (not homey related) honeywell app will not work
  • control of the EVOhome via homey will not work, homey can only connect via the honeywell server that needs a internet connection for the EVOhome
  • your house will still be heated, everything programmed in EVOhome is fully local

Nope, but the honeywell app (not related to homey) is also working via the server. But honeywell could close the API for external systems. In that case homey would bot be able to control evohome anymore

Nope, its local
For me that is the reason to choose EVOhome.
My heater should always work.
In my opinion the chance that Wifi or homey fails is too big.

Being in the cold because of failing wifi or failing homey is not acceptable for me

Anyone else has problem that homey loses connection to evohome? Or know how to fix it. Restart of the app works for a few ours. Then its offline again….

Could you submit a app diagnostics report, one when it is still working and then one after it fails. Then I can check if I can see something in the output of what happens.

Hi, would it be possible to display the actual temperatur on the device “icon” and not only the preset temperature? In the home view it would be much easier to check all the temps :slight_smile:

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The web app does… https://my.homey.app/