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For me, the web app does not, i see it only in the details - sorry for the delay after your post, but I could not post more than 1 reply as I was still a “newby” :wink:


Change the layout in the webgui.(left corner)

then is also in de device tile

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Yup, that is indeed required to show all

Hi, Thanks, that helped on the Web Gui :blush:
But in the day-to-day activities, I use mostly the app on my mobile, and there I can choose the layout :frowning:. But that is not the Evohome apps problem :wink:

@ralfvd Hi, can you see when will push stable v3 version?

Hi, Version 3 is now -finally- pushed to stable! Please report any issues you’ll see, it is a big update.


Helaas verliest de app steeds de verbinding met Honeywell. In de app lijkt de temperatuur dan aangepast, maar er gebeurt niks op de thermostaat en radiatorknop. Na homey opnieuw opgestart te hebben werkt alle weer (voor even).

This is probably rather due to the legendary instability of the Honeywell servers rather than Homey:

External causes could be:

Hi. I just started with homey coming from openhab (raspberry platform reliability, need to dig into Linux and programming all the time) and want to get my Evohome working with my new homey pro.
I installed the app, provided credentials but getting 300000 ms time out whatever I do. I must say we have 10 thermostats and this might take too much time to load within the timeout limit. Can you help please?

What do you mean by 10 thermostats? Are you referring to HR92?

I have 9x HR92 2x round unit.
No issues at all
Also controlling electrical heater using a combination of honeywell and homey

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Here is how you can use the electrical heater

yes I mean HR92’s

Hi All. I finally got all my HR92 valves in. Not exactly sure what did it, but after several other installs and Homey restarts, It finally discovered all my valves.

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