[APP][Pro] Honeywell Evohome discussion topic

You can use the Logic cards to calculate a numeric value. So do something like this:

IF: temperature changed in zone 1

  • Calculate a numeric value , set a logic variable zone2-temp to: {{zone1-1}}
  • Set temperature in zone2 to variable zone2-temp ( do this with a delay of 2-3 seconds to make sure the new numeric value has been calculated ).

Thanks, that sounds interesting. I will start by reading the logic cards tutorial.

That works like a charm.

Will this app come available for Homey Bridge anytime soon?

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Hi I have a question. I am using evohome and it works like a charm. Now I have added a second location to my account but I cannot add them to homey. So basically I have two separate evohome systems connected to the same account, but homey only lets me add one of the locations. Can this be fixed somehow?

Yes, please tell us when.

I would be interested to know if Homey (cloud / bridge) support is planned as well.

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Within a year and a half after installing the Evohome its batteries are defect. Just within a minute after picking it from the wallpaper it resets.

I refreshed the batteries in a good charger.
Now inhave put a IKEA socket behind the powersupply and discharge once a week whenever the IP is not reachable I let Homey switch the socket on again.

Now it has a runtime of ~ 4 hours.

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Bought the Bridge but only now found out Evohome is only supported on the Pro. Will this be developed in near future? For me Evohome support is key.

Thanks in advance,


Ralf, any chance Evohome will come to Homey cloud in near future?

Tnx, René

This app is a Community App. Since developing apps for the Homey Bridge will cost the developer some money, it is safe to suppose this app will not be re-written for the Homey Bridge.

Thanks @Rene_van_Dijk and Hello @ralfvd

I would like to know as well. How much work would it be to rewrite? I think it’s a bit annoying that apps for Homey Pro are not compatible with Homey Bridge/Cloud… If a donation would help… :wink:

Yes, same here, a donation is no problem.
Since the app connects to the Total Connect cloud, it is technically possible to be made to work with Homey.

Hi can I send HR92 valve position status mqtt hub? If yes how can I do?

@ralfvd Hi Ralf! I’m looking at zone heating in my home, and EvoHome looks promising. Could you tell me if the connection with EvoHome is local, or via Honeywell’s servers? In the last case, it’s a no-go… (in case they no longer support the EvoHome or something, I can’t smart control my heating anymore)

I think it is with servers.
But Honeywell is a big company, and Evohome is already for quite some years operational, so I don’t think they will pull the plug soon

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Last year, for the entire heating season, their servers were down.

No, they were not.

You are right; it started in 2020.
Started in September 2020 to be precise and was finally only back to stable in April 2021. Over this entire period in time the system was, to put it mildly, “very unstable”.
And that is an entire heating season. At least in Europe.

Maybe you had problems, sure, that’s possible. But that’s a research population of one…

I personally never had any problems. So you just cannot say their servers were down all heating season long. To say it in popular terms, that’s fake news.

I use the Honeywell servers for the past 5 years on different platforms, and no issues at all, maybe sometimes a glitch